Doughnut Hole

A loop of deceit

David Garman

What we see and hear over media with all of the analysis and all of the commentary is painfully superficial. There we go, stating the obvious. Yet, really, we don’t fully understand how thoroughly we’ve been manipulated, no, led around by the nose.

Let me use the term “they” if you don’t mind. This will suffice to indicate the nameless, faceless players who’ve been given power to run the SHOW. If we know them by name and can attach a face to them, they are peons. Yes, even the sinister villains we like to blame have been served up for our consumption. It’s the concealment of guilt.

We are trapped in a loop of deceit, and we don’t mind.

Think of it as a deep fried doughnut. Lured by the multicolored sprinkles, we eat our way, round and around. Feeling high on the sugar shock, yet there’s that annoying tinge of nausea. Doughnuts! It’s eye candy I’m referring to, as we gaze through the central void, like some portal to the other side.

So we stare. They’ve made screens galore, great big and really little. Screens with tiny colored lights. Look, a picture! Guess what? The picture seems to talk. Sounds familiar, where have we heard that before?

Satisfied we’re fully briefed, off we go, on with the day. Never really sure, what they really meant. Oh well, don’t really want to know. They don’t really want to say. Hurry home, or pull out the phone, just a little more. Hey tell us, please tell us, before it goes away.

The sad fact is that this spirit of deceit by omission has shaped the truth to suit an agenda for thousands of years. The agenda is to preempt the Kingdom of Yahweh. Their efforts will fail, however forceful and clever they may be.

First they pose as a storehouse of information. The supposed forthright information is disseminated by the appearance of credibility. A Roman chronicler or a television news caster, no difference. In our time, we have stooped to accepting the point of view of highly paid professional liars known as actors.

We are content. Most of us do not choose to look beyond the sugar high. Otherwise there would be introspection, no one wants to look critically at themselves or at their world.

The time is ready where what we see through the doughnut hole will scare the hell out of us. Literally. And will also amaze.

I hope to stay on this point, Yah willing, to visit the way out of deceit and the cycle of mediocrity.

Others are coming out with this same message in different ways, what we’ve known deep within and some were afraid to say…

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