Ron Wyatt: Sunday Law

The 10 Commandment Stones about to be revealed?

David Garman

The late Ron Wyatt testified of a Sunday Law which would precede the revealing to the world of the actual 10 Commandment Stones. The Israeli government is about to vote on a law which would add certain Sundays to the weekend as a “day off.” Proponents have offered that it would prevent Sabbath desecration, would enable greater consumption and increased leisure time. Others say it is a quality of life issue.

It looks, according to the report, that the measure is likely to pass the full Knesset. If this is the Sunday law, we are about to see, sometime after, the actual Commandment Stones written indelibly by the very finger of Yah. Wyatt indicated that the Commandments would go on tour, leaving no excuse to the unbeliever.

I have personally believed that the Israeli government knows the exact whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant, and the other fixtures of the Tabernacle and by extension, the First Temple.

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