Victory over labels

David Garman

The current cultural climate abounds in labels. By them we categorize and organize. We identify goods, we track them, and make purchases with the use of labels. Practically every thing we come in contact with boasts a logo, a barcode, a number, a chip emblazoned on it somewhere. It seems we’ve been well trained, that if we find no label, it is not legitimate.

I know what you might be thinking. Today there’s a different, though no less important direction.

Another type of label has surged to the saturation point. We don’t see these labels, yet they are no less persuasive than the myriad of the most recognizable visual variety.

There are two main types. How we categorize ourselves may differ wildly from an outside point of view. In other words, our group, our world view, is given either an endo or an exo-name. The name we choose would reflect how we see ourselves. On the other hand, an outsider, an exo, would name us based upon how they see us. To narrow this down, we’ll focus on the exonym. This variety is most likely to have power in either polarity.

An unfamiliar position may judge us on what they view as a positive attribute. It could be based on where they my find us geographically, or by our preferred style of dwelling, our physical appearance, our cultural achievements, our religion, we are what we are.

We run into problems, and they can become quite serious, when we bring home or publicize a derogatory descriptor of another people. Derogatory exonyms, once internalized and allowed legitimacy, lead to, and I’ve written before that wars begin with words. The spirit within these labels undermines, as a corrosive agent, eating away at another. It must begin in the mind. And this is precisely why we have seen an explosion in the use of these kinds of verbal canker.

A label can act as a shot, a hurled trident, an instant impression. Opinions are formed or altered immediately upon hearing them. They rely on shock value.

One of the most serious casualties of a negative exonym is the truth. It is almost as if there are committees and staffers huddled around brainstorming on the next batch of barbs to tag us with. If our speech is not to their liking, they stick a label on us. In their eyes and to the gullible clique we have been thereby summarily cursed. The idea is to shut us up and shut us down.

Listing every label since the 1960s would be a waste of time. We all know them. The trouble with labels is that they have the potential to paralyze the target individual or group. They ostracize, they marginalize, they humiliate, they condemn. Labels are phase one in taking our lives.

We fear the loss of our jobs or our social standing by as they say, rocking the boat. So we keep our mouths shut, when we should have spoken out. Of course there are the motor-mouths who blab their opinion at every opening. Obviously, not what we are talking about.

By our silence, we give no warning, we project approval and compromise with evil. We must confront our fear of labels! With out the fear factor, labels have no power. Once we break through that membrane of trepidation, the tables are turned. We have power over the labels.

A prime example of this, and I’m not going political, was the campaign of Donald Trump. No one in my memory faced down the relentless, sustained barrage of left wing engineered labels to such an extent. It was refreshing and liberating to watch. He didn’t need their money, he didn’t need their approval. Night after night, day after day, the image that speaks, spewed words of condemnation like darts to a dartboard. We saw the fearless approach clip away at their web until all of the venomous spiders scattered away.

We as the Called Out have to declare, ENOUGH! We will no longer cower at their labels. We must confess Y’shua the Messiah and his Authority in the earth, and to guard His Commandments. We shouldn’t expect to win a popularity contest for it, quite the contrary. The ungodly yet rule in the caverns of power, their plan will go from verbal to physical attacks against us.

One more thing. Let me invite you to see the paintings which depict the shame of receiving the mark of the beast, to suffering and fearless endurance in a reeducation camp, to our resurrection to the glorified body. Most of the collection was exhibited in the year 2000. As they are photographed they will be uploaded to the Fine Art America site. Together they tell of our suffering and our victory in Y’shua the Messiah.

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