Signs in the heavens

David Garman

The old world, the old ways of life seem to be closing down. And we have been given the privilege here in this time period to do and to speak out about the will of Yahweh. Much of our message surrounds the return to His Commandments, His Appointed Times, and to recognize the Signs He has ordained. Repentance is a central theme as we each do our part in delivering the Gospel of the Kingdom to the four corners of the earth.

This post will be concerned with the signs. Many of us have been looking up, literally, over he past decade or more. We see many prophetic events taking place here on terra-firma, but we’ve begun to recognize the importance of their correlation with “events” in the heavens.

It has long been avoided, and for a number of good reasons, the use of the movements and arrangements of the stars. Among us, the fear of being labeled an astrologer has waned. Because we now understand that the twelve constellations have really, since the beginning, told the Salvation story. Y’shua Messiah’s redemptive purpose is shown rotating above us night after night, year after year, whether we comprehended it or not.

We have learned that there will be signs in the sun, moon and stars preceding the triumphal return of Y’shua the Messiah. Does it not behoove us to try to understand? Those of the recent past have made attempts to shed light on these stellar phenom. Admittedly, there have been a many false predictions, related to the topic of what is called Nibiru, for example. Yet, these are normal in the process of finding truth. We should consider ourselves naive at this stage. Personally, the idea of a large hidden planet or a cluster of asteroids signaling the demise of earth, was not a focus. I have, on the other hand, seen the ridicule of those who have believed in these things, and have come to their defense. Those who’ve been ridiculed often have the last laugh.

Warnings should go out. The likes of Nibiru and Nemesis refuse to go the way of Y2K. I recently became aware of the research of a friend of mine by the name of Mike Carden. Mike has an engineering background, and has done his own calculations as to the whereabouts of these potential bodies lurking out there. He has compiled many visuals from the public domain to introduce his position. Biblical and secular sources, show historical precedent. Along with age-end prophecies, he combines, importantly, his own charts, graphs and spreadsheets. Mike has presented a well thought out argument for the existence and the repercussions of said external threats.

We invite you to explore the following information, and with a prayerful attitude, include this data in your things considered. It is our purpose to present useful information to the Called Out.

Shabbat shalom

Carden: Signs In the Heavens 12252016


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