It started with the individual

To repent is to return

David Garman

The corruption of the individual, not government, was the beginning of doom over the United States of America. A lawless individual is easily deceived by the engine of self- which in turn, drives greed, lust, drunkenness and on to idolatry in it’s many forms. The moral foundation collapses.

The idea of representative government falls prey to a corrupted, gullible collective. Slowly, as corruption becomes more acute, the distractions which caused the blindness, lures elected government to the fatal blow. They swing their sword against our liberties, ie: freedom of this or freedom of that, which were there at the beginning, are now used against us. They maneuver in a way in which our own Bible is used against us (Matthew 5:43,44). Bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you. Consequently, they invade our nations with people and cultures who’s desire it is to subvert us, inundate us and even seek to kill us. They say this is what your Bible tells you. They accuse us of being hypocrites, they play on our consciences.

As a people, this nation can not detect the lies or we choose to believe them because seduction seems delicious, there is no resistance. We tell ourselves, to each his own.

Corrupt governments elected by the corrupted public are the beginning of Judgment. The government did not throw out the true checks and balances against catastrophe, which are the Commandments of Yah, the corrupted individuals did. We are no different than rebellious Israel of the Bible. We don’t keep the Commandments simply because we don’t want to.

We the People, long before the canker of the left demanded the stripping of the 10 Commandments from public places, had erased them from our lives. Oh there was outcry and grumbling, but really, they were only a monument to the past. Right? Now they’re gone, out of sight, out of mind. Freedom from them is implied, preached, and legislated.

When government as a manifestation of the individual officially embraces corruption, as in the US Supreme Court approved homosexual marriage and abortion for example, the door is open to national disaster. The things which identify a country, the borders, the culture, it’s standards of right and wrong are shaken. With weak leaders, the people become confused. Our enemies see weakness as opportunity. Invasion!

Invasion, whether militarily, economically or social, is a time honored, tried and true form of Judgment. Invasions bring monetary failure, famine, virulents, extreme violence, panic, fear of everything and everyone. However, this is a very successful formula to reverse corruption. This reversal is called repentance. Repentance is precisely what is needed. Unfortunately our own nature forces us to reach the level of suffering or tribulation, before we recognize our failure. We never seem able to permanently shed our corrupt and rebellious nature.

The Holy Spirit was sent to us so that we become convicted of our sinful ways. As well as to deliver the grace necessary to be able to become a righteous people. The Holy Spirit was sent to comfort us as we embark on the metamorphic journey to repentance.

Return us to the starting point. Turn us. Reverse our deadly course. Reform our thinking, we pray. Give us strength to guard Your Commandments, O’ Yah, and the Testimony of Y’shua, Messiah, King of kings, Lord of lords.

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