Clean Conversation

The mood around the table changed

David Garman

As the Called Out, we realize one thing very early. We can not speak the way we did before our calling. Our foul speech had to end immediately. You and I can tell when a new creature is beginning to form by their clean conversation. We too were convicted of our filthy jokes, and our cussing and cursing. We know that our speech is a convincing, tangible, outward sign to others.

Men seem, at least until recently, to be more prone to the use profanity. Its sort of how we test each other out. Compare it to the sniff test greeting dogs use.

Some of us find ourselves avoiding others because we no longer want to be exposed to foul language. However, sometimes it is unavoidable as in the workplace. Hearing the f-bomb day in and day out, sometimes it wants to blurt out of our mouths. Is this reason enough to shut them out? When we hear these things it is important to remember that we were once as they are. We stood with the others to hear a dirty story and told a few ourselves. The following short testimony is a good example.

A few weeks ago I was invited to morning coffee with a small group of men, one a long time Caterpillar worker and the other two are Navy veterans. Though this was a bit out of my comfort zone, it was kind of them to invite me, so I joined them. As the talk about the weather forecast ended, the topic changed and out came the f-bomb, along with other typical cussing. It was almost as though it was my turn to chime in. The response was of course without profanity, and my friendly expression didn’t change.

Since then, we’ve had coffee together most week-day mornings. Two of them are car collectors, so the talk usually centers around vehicles of all sorts. Fortunately I can reasonably contribute to these things. Never a foul word out of my mouth though, and not without notice, as I would soon see. During our last visit something unexpected and wonderful happened.

One of the men said, “I know that I shouldn’t be cussing like I do, but I’m 66 years old, and probably going to keep on like I am.” I quietly said that doesn’t have to be. This was not the time to launch into a list to facts, he wanted to hear a gentle voice assure him that there is a Way. The beauty of this was that the Holy Spirit had begun to convict him right there at coffee. The mood around the table changed. (It is important to note that neither the Bible nor any other religious topic, to my knowledge, had been previously discussed.)

He went on tell of his Lutheran background, and attending church-school. “With all of my religious background, I probably know more about the Bible than most.” I smiled and nodded. They are under time constraints so we had to break. It was agreed, we were all sorry that the conversation had come to an end. Will be joining up again in about a month.

The Apostle Peter often brings the importance of being holy in all manner of conversation and our speech in Godliness.

The take-away here is that we are continually to govern ourselves as representatives of Y’shua the Messiah on earth. We are noticed more than we realize. Our lives are a witness of the Kingdom of Yah on earth. Our speech is a witness to others in any situation!

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