Soft Mode

A stand against evil foretells redeption

David Garman

Its the time of year when Hebrew Roots people will hear fist pounding exclamations demanding that Christmas is a pagan holiday, or some endless series on one of the Epistles, soon available as a ten DVD collector’s addition. (A teaching on the Maccabean revolt would be great.) All good. Sure, these people have to bring in money and support for their respective ministries. Bless them for it, they have been given a wider reach than most of us.

I recently asked a long time attendee of a Pentecostal church a question. Do you ever feel slighted that your pastor avoids the topic of End Times? Her response was, Yes, we hear good life lessons, but he never goes there.

All professional ministries must maintain a reliable and consistent stream of funds. Consequently, by this necessity there is a barrier. It is trepidation toward loss of audience and therefore tithes, due to unpleasant information. Critical information which would lead to Spiritual and mental preparedness in crisis situations is ignored. I’m sorry to point out that there are some extremely difficult times facing us. Those counting on pastors to guide them risk finding themselves coming up short.

History is a guide to the depths of depravity demonically inspired governments will reach. From the Khmer Rouge and the Nazis, the Ottoman Caliphate to the Islamic State, look into it. Each of these were and are of a religious bent. By sparing the congregation the ugly truth, is it a benefit to them or is it a benefit to the collection plate?

“All that does is create fear, ours is not a God of fear,” pastor may argue. Let me suggest that by simply acknowledging that the unthinkable is already being committed against Christians and other religious groups. And that it is certain that atrocities will take place in Western countries, including the United States. A small mention could be all it requires to sound the trumpet in their minds. We do not have to dwell on it. Ignoring it, on the other hand, will bring long-ranging and eternal repercussions.

At this stage in the U.S., we are in soft mode. The vast majority of us have seen nothing first hand but a few crazed protesters. We have not as yet been shocked into reality. Sadly, many cower at a word or discomfort. Over the past few years this condition has metastasized into a delusion, nurtured by institutions of higher learning. The product of those institutions have brought their version into the so-called church.

There are many good examples, and the recent bombing of the Coptic church in Egypt is one. In its wake, hundreds of Christians reportedly gathered publicly and in unison recited the Nicene Creed. This act is considered extreme blasphemy by their Islamic overlords. Where there seems to be nothing to lose, or where fear disappears from the equation; suddenly, the time has come to take a stand.

Fortunately, when some people are pushed to a point, and have seen, heard and experienced the limit, they will defy the evil in their midst. A stand against evil at all costs, foretells of redemption.

By leaving off the opportunity to begin to consider what has already taken place in the historical record, we’ve shirked our duty. Y’shua said that the great tribulation would be like no other time. The world has never seen the horror. The build-up to it is the point here. So to those leaders, from home-church to megachurch, if you fail to warn those you lead, their blood is on your hands.

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