Our Cause

Do we bare the scars of battle?

David Garman

What is our cause? What is the life we should have way beyond? Is it about material, is it about perpetual worldly happiness, and continual contentment? Is this the radiance we seek? Or is it about the rock strewn trail made slick by the drizzle, our feet slip out from under us, our full weight slams down, and our bones send back a dull thud? We sit up, bits of plant material, grit and a little blood from shallow abrasions give evidence. Then as we rise we feel the strong head wind once again.

Have we exhausted our bodies in the great commission? Do we bare the scars of battle? That battle we’ve waged with ourselves first and then the fight to bring the Commandments of Yah back to a disinterested people. Yes, they’ve hated instruction, they tossed the Truth behind them.

Yet our work is not fruitless, we have not labored in vain. Nor have those who came before us, lest we forget their sacrifices. They truly did offer their bodies, a living sacrifice they were. Their voices cry out from under the Heavenly Altar, many who’s names we know not. Their bloodied, soiled raiment, replaced with glowing white.

We can see this for many of us, the cold and lonely path. We will do great things, while the dragons of hell spew fiery blasts. We must not faint, we must not cower, because Y’shua, Messiah, King of kings is with us. We may say within ourselves, Elohi, Elohi, Lama Sabachthani; He has not left us!

Brothers and sisters, the cauldron of hasatan’s hatred against us is beginning to boil. This is the time (again) Y’shua spoke about, he who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it. Our lives encompass, the people we’ve known, our career, our possessions, and of course the life of our bodies. Because we will soon be unable to participate in the economy, we will release much of what is familiar to us. What we hold as Truth, the signs we show in the world are considered criminal. We must not fear, we must not faint. We must continue in Truth, as a testimony in the midst of the turmoil. As we step away from the world (even more than we already have), the Holy Spirit, The Comforter, will be right there.

We reject the evil authority of the world. We reject the evil demands they place on us. We reject their usurpation of the position of Elohim. What is our cause? We defend the Commandments of Yah. We defend the Kingship of Y’shua the Messiah. We defend the Name of Yahweh.

Go in the courage and the faith of Y’shua Salvation, be strong, be fearless. And the life we seek will come under the Authority of Y’shua the Messiah.

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