Let Them Hear

Spiritual horizon was about to be expanded

David Garman

The Apostle Peter received a vision. He went up to pray at the sixth hour. As though to prepare him for a lesson he was made hungry. He would have eaten, but the hunger was induced to open his mind to a change. His Spiritual horizon was about to be expanded. Ecstasy came over him and he saw coming down from heaven what looked like a sheet, gathered at the four corners. Inside the container was every kind of non-kosher animal, bird, insect, nothing considered food. Peter, (you are hungry) kill and eat!, the voice exclaimed. What? No! Nothing considered unclean had ever passed his lips. The apostle had been following the food laws all of his life.

This is the New Testament, so it must be alright to eat anything we want? The door is now open to everything as food? Not so. Because at about the ninth hour, a centurion by the name of Cornelius was himself having a vision. The centurion was a prayerful and giving man who revered Elohi. Not what Peter would expect from a centurion. Cornelius heard from the Angel who appeared to him to go, essentially, to find Peter. These two men had never heard of each other.

You, go ahead and eat these un-kosher animals. And you, go find a guy by the name of Simon who is called the Stone. He is over there in Joppa. Really, these two were about to have a very unlikely meeting.

Cornelius sent for Peter. Peter was “puzzling” about what he had just seen and heard. Three times the voice told him that what has been made clean should not be called common. While Peter was in doubt about what he saw, the men Cornelius sent appeared at the gate. The apostle was about to find out that his vision was nothing about food in the physical sense.

You see, Peter had a message for Cornelius. The Spirit told Peter not to doubt what was about to take place. Go with the men.

The next morning they left for Caesarea and Cornelius was waiting for them. Peter’s hesitation was justified in that customarily a Jew was not to keep company with a non-Jew. Here is the adjustment which was made. IN EVERY NATION there are those who do the will of Yahweh. They are accepted.

Many people were gathered awaiting Peter’s arrival, to them he gave witness of Y’shua Messiah. He spoke of Y’shua’s death and resurrection, the third day, and the forgiveness of sin through His blood. And what Y’shua had shown and taught directly to the chosen Apostles, was to be preached to all. (Acts 10 and 11)

Peter’s vision reminds me of the days of Jonah. That prophet really had trouble. He refused to go to Nineveh. He ran from his duty. He could not imagine going to that people, that they might repent and be saved. As Jonah sailed away from his responsibility, the ship he was aboard nearly sank until he was thrown over into the sea. Yahweh prepared a great fish to swallow him. Three days he spent in the belly of the fish. A great lesson is written in the Book of Jonah, we see him finally agree to go to Nineveh. They heard the warning given by Jonah. These people gathered as a nation, in an outpouring of repentance for their idolatry. They cried to Yahweh and He saved them.

The Truth is for all who have the heart and mind to hear it. So is the mercy of Yahweh over all who will receive it. While Peter gave witness the Holy Spirit fell upon all who heard. Let them hear.

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