A handfull of seed

David Garman

The word of Y’shua our Messiah is infinitely rich. I have always loved the picture of a seed sower. In the minds eye he walks along a newly tilled field. He reaches into his satchel for a hand full of seed, and casts it with a bold wave of his hand. Again and again, with the hope it brings of a good harvest.

In another private conversation, Y’shua explained his famous parable of the Seed Sower (Mark 4:1-29). Having some experience of my own, a patch of ground can vary widely in ability to bring up a healthy plant. Many times you can see across a field vigorous growth among side weak, stunted examples. It has to do with conditions, it has to do with the soil. Veins of rock meander under the surface, topsoil can wash away leaving sticky clay, weeds will steal nutrient from the crop. We see it every year out in the country.

Y’shua paints a wonderful and vital picture with His well known parable. Even before our life in the country, the Truth explained in this parable was plain and distinct. It was already boldly evident by watching through the early years and even now. The seed is the word. Many who will read this post have spread the Word of Truth out of the Biblical record. You have spoken in meetings and groups, large and small. Sometimes you did so under threat of danger. Blessed are you. You have also shared with others your life experiences as you lived out these Truths.

Y’shua describes seed falling by the wayside, on stony ground, among thorns, and on good ground. The Word is sown in the heart.

Many of us have tasted the bitter disappointment of the wayside condition. We have also experienced the joy of seed falling on good ground. We have seen the shining faces of those who have been well taught. They seem to glow with enthusiasm mixed with contentment. Gaps in their understanding are filled. Dark places are lit. Only to depart, never to internalize their new discovery.

Later we learn that the light in which they found themselves, was quickly and thoroughly stomped out by a denominational pastor.

Every denomination places themselves in a box, call it voluntary incarceration if you like. Pastors refuse to come out themselves, and block the way out for their congregation. Often times a denominational pastor is consulted. This is particularly true when when omitted Truth comes from outside the box. From my experience this usually concerns the Commandments of Yah.

Pastors are looked upon as the experts in religious matters. They hold sway over the potential tender shoot. Therefore, they receive a warning. These are they which Y’shua calls “least” in the Kingdom (Matthew 5:17-19). They do not keep the Commandments themselves, and harshly rebuke those who do. The soil is thin under the denominations of today. The tender shoot cannot form, cannot remain to tap a healthy root system. The seed was whisked away.

Opportunities to sow seed arrive and we must follow through with the commission we have received. A few days ago another one came to us. There was a half an hour’s time to outline the condition of the denominations, their misunderstanding of the New Covenant, the facts about the Commandments, and one example from life experience. The person was deeply touched and grateful for the witness. Unbeknownst, the Bible references used were the same ones studied by the individual, just days before. This gave strong confirmation. It is up to Heavenly Father, may the Word of Truth take root.

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