Eagles Gathered

Up on the soaring eagle's wings

David Garman

Our Savior Y’shua the Messiah, was asked directly during a private conversation: “What shall be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?” The apostles present received a direct answer. This revelation by Y’shua is the one of the most potent. It is one of the most simple to understand outlines of what to watch for. Most of us are familiar with the famous apocalyptic prophecy of Matthew 24 and Luke 17. These important documents are required study right now.

Y’shua, tell us what to look for! Tell us, so that we are not taken by surprise.

Among the warnings to us, there is an astonishing statement. Y’shua said, Be Ready! In such an hour as you think not, the Son of man will come. Will it be so bad that we will be ready to give up? Or, will we be complacent, will we be at ease and forget? The latter is what we should focus on here. What usually happens after a flourish of news of impending doom? There is a period resentment when the asteroid does not impact or the market does not crash.

It should be said that we must never allow ourselves to trust any prognosticator who uses specific dates. Days and hours are a red flag, they are like a rattle on a snake. If someone gives a day or an hour, dismiss it.

If we have accepted a false prophet, who by his nature fails, we many times question our entire belief structure. We suffer embarrassment and in the aftermath we can back-slide into our old ways. We begin to eat and drink with the drunken, as the Gospel record says.

Complacency can also develop in times of prosperity. We forget the true source of our blessings, we think we have done well for ourselves. Many place their hopes on a king or a politician. Should they fail to deliver, their human frailty is exposed. Should the outlook seem prosperous, we say within ourselves, “the danger has passed.” Complacency brings tolerance. We go to sleep.

Keep in mind that false prophets will become quite good in their deception. They will not appear to have failed. Remember the false comes before the True.

Lately, social media is said to be the vehicle to announce the arrival of Messiah. What? The Creator of the Universe needs twitter, or some other thing to announce His appearance? That is the perfect scam. Let this idea creep into the minds of the people. Everyone holding their phones, anxiously waiting! It would be funny if it was not so ridiculous.

Satellite technology is the logical vehicle to dazzle the world with potent deception. What better way to usher in the false messiah.

In Matthew 24:27-28 we see lightning and a gathering of eagles. Have you ever wondered at a bird, like an eagle or a vulture, which seem to possess a supernatural ability to locate their meal (even from great distances)? Both species consume carrion.

On a personal note, we live out in the open country, and have seen turkey vultures and bald eagles feasting on less than appetizing meals. To us, they just seem to know the location. Good thing they do.

This is the metaphor Y’shua Salvation uses to dispel a man-made telling, or a secret appearing of Himself as King of kings. First He said that His arrival will be as lightning. By our standards, twitter gets around quickly. The message is entered into a computer then fed to a satellite system, then back to earth, dispersed to servers which feed to individual devices. It is a bit convoluted. Then He said where the carcass or the body is, there will the eagles be gathered.

The book of Matthew uses the word carcass and the book of Luke, the body. Two different Greek words, two ways to look at this gathering process? Not really.

It was always puzzling to me why Y’shua would use this unsavory picture as an example. The first impression is that of carrion or a kill. Yet if we look further, the term is more about alighting, even flying as the bird is drawn to the scene. One then another, then another, the eagles will light. I’ve seen it in the winter over a deer kill.

The verse in Matthew is not comparing the Savior’s return to a carcass! No, this verse is a semblance as to how by supernatural means we are attracted, borne up on the soaring eagle’s wings, flying, then alighting at the scene.

The body translation in Luke’s Gospel is the picture of protection, deliverance, Salvation, by the One who offered His body as the perfect sacrifices for our sins. The delivered fly in to Y’shua Salvation who’s blood redeemed us and by that blood we overcome the accuser. Borne up on eagle’s wings. It is this Salvation which the soaring eagles are drawn to. Drawn away to allow the vials of wrath to flow.

We become the whole body, Y’shua at the head then all of us who are the called according to His purpose. Then the Kingdom of Yahweh on earth, of which the Gospels and we now testify.

The devil, or satan accuses us day and night 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A prosecutor, desperately working to secure the sins that he caused to put us away in the prison of weeping and grinding of teeth. Our sins are covered by the blood of Y’shua Messiah. We testify to it and we claim it in Y’shua’s Name.

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