Finally its over

David Garman

It is over, at least the election is over. If Donald Trump can keep half of his campaign promises, the United States of America will benefit. Likewise, if half of the celebrities who promised to leave the United States of America in the event of a Trump victory, actually do, we will be much better for it.

Update: Electoral college does not vote until December 19. Theoretically, they could still vote Clinton in as President.

My favorite Trump campaign promise is “Drain the swamp.” Not just the Washington cronies, stop funding subversive elements like the cancerous hard left lesions the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center. Get rid of former elected officials as lobbyists. Really, everything is contaminated.

The whole governing system, local, state or federal, is saturated with leftists, or left-leaning individuals. These have over the past five decades managed to totally undermine the moral foundations of our society. An idea: A reversal of this disaster could start with eliminating lifelong appointments to the Supreme Court. (A constitutional adjustment I can only wish for.) Once appointments are made, they can turn, consequently the nation is stuck with what is essentially a traitor, until they die. No other governing branch has caused the extent of violence to the nation’s morals as the United States Supreme Court. These people have too much power and answer to no one. We desperately need to get rid of abortion rights. We need to get rid of the sexually deviant allowances. We need an order to reinstall the Ten Commandments onto the walls of our schools and courthouses. Then we will have truly begun the right path.

Wheeler-dealer: The ability to compromise is sometimes seen as a noble quality. Compromise is involved in the “art of the deal.” This is also the avenue of career politicians, and elected officials masquerading as our advocates. How is it possible to bring any good when there is always a deal made with the devil? A career Washington lawmaker once gleamed over his ability to compromise. Not always, but many times, the piece of legislation, once good, must include some appendage from the dark side. Let’s face it, we have too many laws, we do not need people full time creating new laws. It is a power trip for some of these people. Scale it down, simplify, do what the founders did, open the Bible.

If the scheduled transfer of power is allowed without incident, one political party will dominate policy and the high court for years to come. Can we get good things done? Hopefully the backroom executive orders will be erased. These orders have purposely bypass the checks and balances placed to guard against treachery and governmental oppression of the people.

Talk of secession has again erupted, this time by the leftists. Great idea. California, Oregon Washington, appropriately the left coast, float on off into Pacific sunset.

The early morning election results are a hopeful sign. Forgive me for not embracing it completely. There are many enemies within who will not stand by to see their decades upon decades of patient and gradual subversion go for naught. They just lamented themselves, we almost had it, the single currency, the single world government! Biblical prophecy says there will be a world government.

Seemingly, mankind may be on the verge of creating a just solution in government, as we hope for here and now. Once in office, the elected official, a president of other, learns the ropes. An understanding is reached that it is impossible to fulfill campaign promises, no matter how well intentioned. Campaigns are often laced with rhetoric targeted at the hopes of the people.

There is even a proclamation of a “Christ Spirit” moving over the country following the election, watch out. Y’shua said that He will come at a time when you think not. When looking to a man you are not prepared. He said look up.

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