Special Interests

David Garman

Nothing new under the sun, particularly when it comes to governments and politics. We were to live in liberty, to be free indeed. We were to be free of the snare of human greed. We were to be free of human lust conjured by the taste of power. You see, we, as Israel, were not intended to have a king or a president or what have you. Here we stand, thousands of years after that disastrous decision to take a king, instead of the Creator of the Universe. We wanted one just like every other nation had. What have we got to show for it?

Special interest money under the table has finally brought the whole thing full circle. The epitome or the culmination, the apex of special interests and their bribes have practically finished their work. It is out front and center (and they know they have a short time). We have been undermined. It’s not that there hasn’t been warning. The Western world is teetering like a drunkard, and people are looking to what?, a president!

Our institutions have been infiltrated, tapping out the national storehouse of stabilizing mechanisms. One example which I’m still shaking my head over was long before Obama. But may just as well have been his white clone. A guy with a toothy grin by the name of Jimmy, who was seen as refreshing change from his predecessors. Same mold, different face. I remember people fluttering about his initials, “JC,” as if this was some sign from on high.

A true blessing from on High is for a nation (Israel) to possess the gates of the world. The Panama Canal, one of the most critical gateways on the planet was dispossessed of the U.S. of A. by smilin’ Jimmy. Did he just pop up one morning with the dazzling idea, hmm, I think I’ll just give away one of America’s most important security assets? Now wouldn’t that be a warm gesture? Or, was it some wart hog special interest goon pandering to Jimmy’s we are the world warm fuzzies? Probably a little of both, Jimmy was and is a globalist behind the grin. Said Panama Canal debacle was among the first examples at the beginning of the dismantling of our nation. Great Britain gradually let go too, with the signing over of the equally important Suez Canal. Can’t have an integrated global government with certain countries holding such sway over the world’s shipping and naval traffic.

Off to elections, tis the season. The problem with elections is that the information about the respective candidates is never known independently by the voter. Therefore, he or she is totally reliant on the accuracy, the lack or presence of bias, and the credibility of the sayer. The kind of information disseminated would never hold up in court because it is hearsay. The point is obvious, that attacks on the boundary of truth can not be wholly identified. It’s a he said, she said game. The door is wide open to the misdeeds of the adversary. Lies are inevitable as the contestants sell themselves to a deceived public. Now an in your face fact, which has never been more apparent than this 2016 go-around.

As said earlier, polls are a sampling of the effectiveness of propaganda and elections are simply a mark of participation. Essentially the handlers appear to wash their hands of it, you participated in electing, don’t blame us. It is a perception.

Remember Daniel? He was thrown into the lion’s den by special interests. In a nut shell, the king liked Daniel, and placed him at the elite of his government. Well, this wasn’t too palatable with a number of his demoted underlings. So they gathered together to see how they could undo Daniel. What was the plan? They played to the king’s pride. Oh king! Why don’t we make a law that exempts every god but you! Sounds pretty nice, the king must have thought. Great on my resume. You guys must really appreciate me. Do it. The king doubtless, never expected Daniel to be caught up in this nifty little perk. Daniel’s adversaries knew that he prayed to the Elohi of Heaven on a regular, predictable basis. Of course these prayers were according to the king’s flattery, deemed criminal behavior. Daniel, how could it be Daniel who is before me!

Nevertheless, the law is the law. Even as the king passed judgment, he knew more than the electorate of today. He told Daniel that the God who he continually served, “HE WILL SAVE YOU”! They threw Daniel into the lion’s den. Over night the king was worried sick. He rushed out at the earliest possible time, and found that indeed Daniel’s Elohi did protect him. The king’s relief at seeing Daniel alive turned to anger at the special interests. Not a good time after for those who had tried to undermine good government, to their own benefit. We can suppose that the king himself was at least a little embarrassed, falling for their treachery.

Who will be the next U.S. President elect? Don’t know. If Trump takes it, at the very least he could end up like Herbert Hoover, blamed for the big crash. If he doesn’t, don’t want to think about it. No question there will be plenty of surprises between now and inauguration, should that take place.

Here’s what we really need to do right now. “If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” National repentance people, not presidents.

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