Out of the Ashes of Defiance

We're sorry!, we are so sorry!

David Garman

The individual, not the government was the spark of doom over the United States of America. A lawless individual is easily deceived by the engine of self- which in turn, drives greed, lust, drunkenness and on to idolatry in it’s many forms. Once the individual has fallen prey, he or she will gravitate to a source of perpetuation to appease these addictions. This is where their resources in the form of time and money go. Consequently, business is built to offer supply to a continuous, reliable and dependent customer. This all seems obvious, but we continually blame the government, though a representative government is a natural manifestation of the corrupted gullible collective. Slowly, as corruption becomes more acute, the distraction which created blindness lures attraction to the fatal blow. The liberties, ie: freedom of this or freedom of that, which were there at the beginning, are used against us. We can not detect the lies or we choose to believe them because the seduction seems delicious to a corrupt mind. Corrupt governments elected by a corrupted public are the beginning of Judgment. The government did not throw out the checks and balances against catastrophe, the corrupted individuals, en mass did.

We the People, long before the canker of the left demanded the stripping of the 10 Commandments from public places, had erased them from our lives. Oh there was outcry and grumbling, but really, they were only a monument to the past. Right? Now they’re gone, out of sight, out of mind. Freedom from them is implied, preached, and legislated. When government as a manifestation of the individual officially embraces the corrupt, the door is open to disaster. The things which identify a nation, the borders, the culture, it’s standards of right and wrong are shaken, they begin to crumble. Enemies see weakness as opportunity. Invasion!

Invasion is a time honored, tried and true form of Judgment. Invasions bring famine, virulents, extreme violence, panic, fear of everything and everyone. However, this is a very successful formula to reverse corruption. This reversal is called repentance. This is precisely what is needed. Unfortunately we must undergo the suffering or great tribulation, because we never seem able to permanently shed our corrupt and rebellious nature.

There is mercy hidden in suffering, and righteousness blooms from the ashes of defiance. Loving-kindness abounds. Corruption eliminated, the individuals and the Nation cry out, we’re sorry! we are so sorry! Our sins are scarlet, but the Great King, the Lamb of Elohi is victorious! Thank You our Father in Heaven for Your tender mercy which endures forever.

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