Sons of Thunder

David Garman
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John, the apostle that Yahshua loved, who rested his head against the Savior’s chest, was called a ‘Son of Thunder.’ Who gave him that name? It was Y’shua Himself, according to the gospel of Mark. When thinking of thunder, a picture comes to mind of a man who was NOT passive, docile, timid, or cowardly.

An essential quality in one whom must face fearful confrontations in his responsibility to represent and to deliver the Gospel of the Kingdom: FORTITUDE, MEEKNESS=POWER UNDER CONTROL.

The loud boom of thunder can shake your house, rattle your windows, It can stop you in your tracks. What is thunder but the percussion resulting from the vaporization of the atmosphere caused by an intense flash of LIGHT.

If there is a desire to search out the technical definition of a Son of Thunder, some could conclude that we are dealing with a reference to John as a son of the Norse god, Thor. For some, it could be seen as a family trait. And others will reason, that due to the negative connotation derived through the Strong’s Hebrew definitions related to the word Boanerges, destructive zeal, thunder is something we should seek to cast out or otherwise eradicate. Perhaps so, if we dwell on these examples, rage, wrath, or violence. Do we comprehend that these are the very things inherent in the Righteous Judgment of the Almighty? Was there not seven mysterious thunders John was not allowed to reveal in Y’shua’s Revelation?

We forget the thunderous voice of the Most High Mighty One on Mount Sinai. His voice shook the ground.

It is time to ask where the passive, effeminate, victimized, politically correct approach has gotten us? Our Savior’s Name and His Authority are daily blasphemed with nary a peep. We have allowed every kind of debauchery to infiltrate our nation in the name of tolerance. The result of many abominations is beginning to unfold in the land. We can not count on the weenies, excuse me, behind the vast majority of pulpits to stand in the gap. Perhaps we need those real Spirit filled manifestations of the Sons of Thunder, refined by tribulation, conformed to the image of YAH.

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