Political Theater

David Garman

This post was to be a political commentary, perhaps it still is. Oh, there was time spent weighing in on various details of the 2016 Presidential campaigns. Solid, thoughtful consideration brought to support a position. Just as I moved to hit “publish,” the thought came, hold on one minute. This whole thing is a trap, it is a snare.

Daily spewings fly against one side or the other, this leak or that, some meeting or exceeding the threshold of pornography. Should we be legitimizing a clownish display by trying to make heads or tails of it? If we buy in, they have us right where they want us. No! On second thought, I won’t take the bait.

The US Presidential election process has evolved into political theater extraordinaire. Regardless of who “wins” the game, we can likely agree that a great deal has already been exposed. Any one with the slightest tinge of discernment already knew that the two party dichotomy facade here in our government, if it ever was legit, has become a united leftist front. Republican party cronies openly supporting the most egregious left wing tag-team since Marx-Lenin, should settle any question.

Over the current year, we’ve been served one shocker after another. Our comfortable sense of normalcy is a bit rattled. From who pees in what toilet, and the bloodless invasion of Europe, to taunting US-Russia nuclear war, to dubbing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Islamic, its stark raving madness, and the year’s not over.

The initial phase in war against the public is psychological. The eyes are the first to be defeated, someone said. Now, send their troops off to some faraway land to fight protracted wars. Soften them up with beheading videos, riotous mobs, bombed out cities, babies washing ashore. Mix it with extreme absurdity then have your election.

Really, one candidate is simply stating the obvious. If you want a country, you must have borders. If the people are going to pay their bills and taxes, there must be jobs. In order to have jobs there must be some means to make, build, and plant. People are clamoring for common sense, from within the blur of the aforestated confusion. They want a return to their leeks and garlic. Make America great again sis-boom-bah.

On the other hand we are served up the most unbelievable, surreal individual ever to participate in the contest. Like 20th century megalomaniacs, owns a completely compliant media, no, an aggressively bent media no longer obliged to hide that fact. Who, in spite of this lopsided advantage, remains despised by all but the most deluded leftys. This one is in some ways more frightening than the predecessor. Never has there been so many criminal accusations aimed at anyone who is about to be presented as a choice to the American people.

For the sports enthusiast, they’ve got polls. If you need to know who’s winning just check the points, back and forth, up and down, they go. Woohoo, our guy’s ahead by two. Has anyone ever seen a point? Just wondering.

We’re only a few weeks away. If this election is allowed to proceed, we are supposed to choose from an about face or an exit stage left into oblivion. The safe choice is the about face. Regardless of the messianic fervor around this choice, yes messianic. The “m” word has been dropped in relation to the candidate on the right. There will be no allowance for reversal of the ground gained by globalists without consequences. Don’t be surprised at anything, everything is on the table.

Like a raunchy soap opera, its all to keep us entertained, waiting for the next scandalous, titillating morsel. Disgusted? Tune in tomorrow for the next info dump. We should be asking what they are diverting us from.

Shaken out by the bold, fearless, bombastic speeches from the right, as said before was the purpose, laid bare the totally fraudulent, massively corrupt, charade which is the US Presidential election process.

Salvation will not come through the ballot box. Something new is beginning. Y’shua the Messiah is our Salvation, not some politician. Be strong, be brave, be of good cheer.


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