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David Garman

There are those who have introduced the idea that we all part of a virtual reality, computer simulation. It seems that the more tech advances, the more foolish it’s proponents become. Seduced by the small window of knowledge they peer through, whatever comes into their minds they will do. These wizards have learned enough to believe that they stand able to challenge the Creator of the Universe. Yes, from age to age, The True Creator, will allow feeble, haughty mankind to believe that they may approach Him on equal footing. Sound familiar?

If they could just harness that particle, they too would create life, build or destroy, at the most elemental of levels. Think of the medical wonders. We are looking at the modern day priests of baal and the magicians of Egypt. We remember in Exodus, where the Egyptian magicians could actually replicate the first few plagues. Their display was an attempt to prove that they were on par with the Elohi of Moses. This same spirit of pride, and the spirit of defiance and rebellion, are operating in full force today. Results will emerge in the most astonishing presentation. So much so, that it will shake the foundation of all religions, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, all of them. As Y’shua said, that it would deceive the very elect if that were possible. By this passage, Y’shua is informing us of the extreme potency of this final deception.

Those of us who feel solid and well grounded, will also be challenged by the display and the “miracles,” which most will be at a loss to deny. Of that deception, when it comes, don’t look at it, don’t consider it. At first it will come over Twitter and Fox news, all of the globalist establishments. The globalist realm will embrace and require obeisance to the image of deception. The True Messiah will not require the use of satellite technology to make His appearance.

All of this should cause us, as the Called Out, to hunker down in our resolve. Really, to pray without ceasing. Call out the Holy Name, as the Holy Spirit indicates danger. Yes, The Holy Spirit will warn you when you have entered a dangerous situation. This is important, if you haven’t learned to listen, there is no time to waste. It is the beginning of the Ziv life, that instant communication, Holy Spirit comfort, and our response to the prompting. Speak the Name, all those who call upon His Name will be saved, the small things too.

Another matter of interest to us is that just hours ago, the United Nations voted that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is Islamic. The background music in all of this is that the resolution negated both the Old Testament, as well as the New on the international stage. Never a Temple there, by extension no reason a thinking person could believe the post-exodus Bible. It is an attack on all of us. Yet is a strong indication as to the speed at which things are now moving.

Their latest UN vote by the evil and the cowardly is a total farce. They all know it. European countries, many of whom pulled an obama, and voted “present,” have bent knee to Islamist pressure. We might ask what this has to do with the Ziv life. It is all so very gloomy. But is it? These few examples remind me of the Revelation, the fire, the brimstone. When understanding replaces carnal fear, we realize that it is very much good news.

Reality, the heavens will open and we will see.

One thought on “Real virtual

  1. Right on David, How ridiculous that UN vote really is, can be proven
    by the facts that Mohommad the founder of Islam didn’t exist until
    some the 7th century ad. And we know the Temple stood on the
    mount above where the “floor” now is, thousands of years before.

    That “second” Temple was there when Yahusha and the Apostles
    commented on the great and beautiful building, after which Yahu
    sha told them that marvelous building built of huge stones would
    not have one on top of the other. Fulfilled some 70 years later by
    the Roman destroyers.

    Yes that UN fraud, coupled with the invasions in W.Europe and
    and the critical election here is USA for our survival as a nation. HRC telling the Bankers she wants to see a “borderless” hemis
    pheric group instead of nations with borders. So, those who shout
    “convert or die” may be coming to a “quiet neighborhood” near you
    if she gets her wish.

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