Western candle pt.3

David Garman

As with the Tabernacle, West was the  sanctuary direction.

Consider a light by which all others are lit. On the seven branched candlestick, the Menorah, one candle is called the Western Candle. It is the perpetual light. There is disagreement over exactly which light it is. Depending on the placement of the Menorah, it could simply be the most westerly of the seven. Many argue that it is the center one, the main one, the tip of the tree trunk. Israel are Yah’s servant people, and this Western Candle is the “servant” candle. The other six lights on the Menorah burn and go out. They were relit by the priest as a daily Temple service by the light of the Western Candle. At first sight, there seems to be no reason to refer to the light as Western. Is it west of the eastern candle, is it on the opposite end of the Menorah, or how is the center candle west? Haven’t found a good explanation. There must be a reason.

While there is surely some tangible, logical motivation to name a candle on the Menorah, we are outside of that circle at this point in time. Even so, there is always fulfillment beyond the symbolism. Y’shua told the Apostles that they were the light of the world. The testimony brought by the writers of the Gospels, Revelation, and the letters, was received and carried foremost by Europeans. They brought the Salvation, that Y’shua had fulfilled the sacrifice for our sins, and He had risen from the dead Gospel. They translated the Bible, taking it out of the hands of the gatekeepers, spreading it far and wide. This was all done at great risk to life and limb. We are now bringing the Gospel of the Kingdom of Y’shua the Messiah on this earth. That of repentance, a return to the Commandments, a return to speaking the Holy Names, the truth of Y’shua as Messiah, His death, burial, resurrection, His Kingship over the world, the action of the Spiritual Gifts, in effect, the whole package. (To those who have, more will be given.) We stand in the middle like the perpetual candle, between the Christians and the Jews. With the unquenchable light of Y’shua the Messiah burning within us, we stand in the gap crying out to both sides to end their rebellion.

I’ve lamented many times, that there is no more West in which to flee. And now as corruption and violence, at the hand of shadowy figures moves in for the supposed kill, we must turn and fight. Ours is not a conventional fight. We are not talking about some abstract philosophy. You and I know because we experience it directly from within our being. It wells up at odds with the lies, the filth, the utter absolute wickedness which stupefies and undermines, by which many have suffered. The unquenchable light that burns within us, when we see Him we will verify it. Look how bright! We take no vengeance, because vengeance will come at the most appropriate time, in the most appropriate form, by the most capable source of true and satisfying justice.

Y’shua said: “Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, and it giveth light to all that are in the room.”

Remember Y’shua also said hold fast to what you have and to let no man take your crown. Every day is important. Have a strong, unwavering commitment to the truth, all of those who call upon the name of Yahweh will be saved.

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