Western Candle pt.2

David Garman

Again, I bring this because we are facing it. It is difficult, there is no pleasure derived from it.

The Tabernacle in the center of the Israelite camp contained many prophetic figures. Some would shock our modern conceptions of holiness should we lay eyes on them. One fine example of this is a towering golden figure with some human, some angelic features, and a head with four faces going around, one human, the others not, ooh with horns, kind of, potentially scary. There were two of these, who knows, they could be in storage somewhere on earth today. That camp was laid out four square. Each side had a main flag, and each these flags and a picture on it. Those pictures related directly with the faces on the huge golden figures, or to transliterate, karoobs. All of this is a great topic for a future post. Suffice it to say, that the main flags of the camp relate directly with the Four Beast, or Living Creatures of the true Heavenly Throne Room cited in the book of Revelation.

Fast forward to post-Solomonic divided Israel. Ten Israel was kicked out of their land. They were captive in Assyria, followed by an exodus primarily to the North and West (of Jerusalem). Some time later, Judah-Benjamin was was hauled off to Babylonian captivity, many of them returned. Israel, for the most part did not. If each tribe had maintained some semblance of separation, as they were supposed to, there would be certain recognizable characteristics, a family resemblance if you want. They would have taken their little variations in DNA along with them. It is easy to veer off course here, because hereditary lines are deep as well as an exciting study. No space for me to go off on a tangent. One quick example though. A recent article, published by Nature Journal, concluded that DNA responsible for pale skin or light colored eyes, was brought in to Europe by migration from the Near East. The entertainment arm of the government, PBS, asserted through a series called Nova, that the same light skin and eyes were the result of African and Neanderthal “interaction.”

PBS’s overarching theme is that we’re really all the same. We are not the same. What, we should ask, is the crime in that? While expecting us to buy into their shtick, we must also believe in their religion of evolution. Their propaganda pieces are always coupled with evolution, eliminating evolution from the package does not legitimize it.

The very actions of the globalists contradict their propaganda. The flooding of Europe and North America, proves that they are injecting Arabic Y-(male line)DNA into the host population. Which brings up an opportunity to define the term arab. It simply means intermixed. Realizing this plan serves to break the long paternal line back to Jacob. “They” want Europe, quite literally, to become arab. Obviously this facet of their agenda is a racial issue. By their own definition, which their actions identify, the globalists are racists. If we are really all the same, what is the point of their far reaching, long term, intensive program, using every communications tool. If that fails to move quickly enough, just overrun the borders to force the races together? The point is we’re not the same. You and I remember that they want one race, one color, one creed. Why are they doing this?

West, in the Bible days used the roaring Mediterranean as the basis of it’s definition. It is the direction of sunset, the sun goes down to end the day, we look over the sea to sight the moon. Now, the other descriptor in terms of the western direction, is ma arabah, which contains the root, arab, as you can see. It is a process of growing dusky. Docking a ship anywhere around the Great Sea, people of dark complexion were the majority. Why make this distinction? It is not an insult, it is simply a fact.

The discoverer of the double helix structure in DNA was essentially banished for indicating that there are differences in the races. For good reason, his conclusions were seen as a serious threat to the propaganda machine. He was eventually forced to sell his Nobel Prize for said discovery to pay his expenses. It is understandable to me, in a way, because there is always some imbecile who will take this information to promote hatred. Still, we are all supposed to sit down, shut up, and consume at the banquet of amalgamation.

Acts 17:26 is viewed as firm footing in the Christian mind to license intermixing. Yet it is the only one of the many references to “blood” in the NT, where Strong includes an asterisk. In that same verse, they read right past the term, nations, which as previously indicated, is another distinguishing characteristic. I can not take the blood of any other type into my veins, it would kill me.

Isaiah 13 exemplifies the truth of the matter, which is the polar opposite of the globalist push to force all of the kinds of men together. It is an end times prophecy. Isaiah speaks of the sun being darkened, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine. Messiah Y’shua also spoke of this sign in Matthew 24, as an NT reference. The mixing of men will cease and the process will be swiftly reversed. Again Isaiah, every man will turn to his own people, and flee to his own land. It is interesting that even now as we find the tensions between the races escalate. There are concerted calls for a separate “country” for the African American within the confines of the US border. Following the intrigue of togetherness, you see this desire to separate already. People want to be with their own.

Yahweh will yet choose Israel and set them in their own land. We all realize that this has also commenced. Remember there are those who have been grafted in to Israel of all races on earth. We are brothers and sisters in Y’shua the Messiah, King of kings. In many ways they are more a brother and more a sister than flesh and blood siblings. We love them dearly. We are not sexually involved in the future, though it inevitably happens without propaganda, we should not be now.

With all of the faults and failings acknowledged, the West as been and still is a light in the world. We have come quickly to accepted the truth of Y’shua, and have been the major vehicle to carrying this truth to the entire world. As we have learned ourselves, we have continually added new revelation to our message of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Look kindly without condescension on the forefathers who bravely advanced truth in the measure it was given. We stand upon their shoulders, and we remember their sufferings as a result of the light they shined in the world.

End part 2

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