Western Candle

David Garman

Warning: This post is not intended to “lead souls to the Lord.” It is intended to counter the narrative which has lobotomized most of the Western world. I won’t be visiting this topic here again.

Let’s start by saying that if there is agreement between our world view and that of the globalists, we are on the wide path. And we know where the wide path leads. As the called out, we are to find the narrow path. Frankly, we should already be on it. Yes, its dangerous, and its lonely. The narrow path does not have exit ramps to avoid the hard topics. It does not have trigger warning signs and safe spaces to park for crybabies and cowards. Oops, sorry.

There is an ingrained ism among us, which has been fed to our people here in the States since the 1950’s. Through the decades the names have changed but the course has not wavered. The latest handle is multiculturalism identified here as social justice. Sounds enriching, it sounds, well, just! And who can possibly be against justice? As we watch the gradualist’s efforts fruit, we can look back on their use of every possible medium that electricity can convey to gorge the unsuspecting with their riotous gospel.

As difficult as it is to write the following, some must address it. There is risk associated with truth. No one else will even touch this topic. We will be going places which will upset some of you.

Europe is a prime example of multiculturalism or rather cultural replacement, which is really the goal. Because Europe is comprised of nation-states, the pang of one million(+) invaders has an immediate impact on an individual country. As of now, after the initial shock of this onslaught has worn off, after they stood back and allowed a little sexual violence take to place against the host nation’s women, there is talk of sending “back” the criminal element. Oh goody, that means the “approved” ones are hunky-dory, and free to amalgamate with the host population. They’re not hiding their true motive. Pamphlets have been distributed, complete with diagrams, on how to approach and copulate with European type women. All to prevent rape of course. There must be a reason for this forced-consensual conundrum of what I call genocide by sexual intercourse. Hopefully this post will reveal a portion of the motivation behind it this massive effort.

Those in Europe have been browbeaten to the point where they stood back and, no they welcomed an invasion of a culture diametrically opposed to their own. We’d better do this, we could be labeled with a really scary name if we don’t. So let’s all band to together (“we can do it”) and prove to the world once and for all that we aren’t that really scary name. An invasion by a hostile enemy welcomed with open arms, the engineers of this program must be shocked by the magnitude of their success. It took a while, didn’t it? The West was a sucker for their fake science and their use of the Bible against us.

The bulk of today’s Western leaders are soggy, limp and of a reprobate mind, be they theologians or senators, chancellors or Mps. They are traitors. Ever asked why? Why only Western nations, Europe, the United States of America, Canada, and Australia, who are the focus or the targets of this program? Why not China, Russia, Zimbabwe or the like? China is a homogeneous nation, surely they could use a little multicultural enrichment.

All right, what is the “West”? It is a cardinal point on the compass, yes, but more importantly the West represents a mandate, and a people, it has for thousands of years.

The world is under the inspiration of hasatan. We are strangers in this world. We do not fit into the gross darkness of this world. We are not intended to fit into it. Most of us have heard the term, Ten Israel, and it would suit a general understanding of the West.

Ten Israel and Judah are wonderfully described by Y’shua in the parable of the Prodigal Son. Judah is the son who stayed with his father, and stayed in the Torah, the one who did not act foolishly. Israel on the other hand, is the son who went off to another land and squandered his inheritance, ending up with the swine. Here is what we are seeing now, the son who wisely stayed, was understandably a bit surprised at their father’s reaction to the foolish son’s return, with gifts and preparing a feast for him. He is, we are, that son who was once lost, out of covenant, but now is becoming reunited once again in covenant relationship with our Father in Heaven.

To our Jewish brothers and sisters, you may, and likely do, see us as a usurper, as cultural appropriators perhaps. You know, both houses, we will be united once more as Israel. To Israel, Israel is not Jewish. The term, Jewish, has morphed into a blanket pronoun synonymous with Israel. That is not accurate. Israel never was Jewish. This error has perpetuated Western ignorance of their mandate, and their historical underpinnings. (Even though they are blinded, they still fulfill their prophetic directive that they are a blessing to the nations. The Word of Yahweh is not undone.) In the last days Israel must, after millennia, accept their heritage. It defies understanding that anything other than shouts of joy would accompany this news. I’m Israel! Yet there is most often total rejection saying outwardly or within themselves, “I’m not Jewish.”

Name calling has been a very productive deterrent in shutting down the good news. We have to liberate ourselves from the fear of labels. If someone or group hurls the racist card, so be it. Same with the antisemitism card. Quit cowering and apologizing for the truth. Also, no talking points from British Israel here. The aim is to offer something new and lively from Yahweh’s marvelous symbols, which He commanded to be present in the world as a testimony.

We must no longer allow ourselves to be labeled the goyim. Why, it simply means the nations or gentiles, right? It can, but there is plenty more interesting material attached to it. Others are goy as in cattle, massing, picture the hordes of refugees rushing the borders of Europe. Swarms of locusts, troops of animals; if we accept that we are a righteous among the nations we acquiesce those as well. Unfortunately, these very labels have been used as a put down against us for far too long. But then, many are comfortable with the gentile accouterments. It reminds me of the scripture in Isiah, “Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim.” A reference to the tense relationship between the two houses of Israel.

We must come also out of the slogan that those who bless Israel will be blessed. Someone is profiting a great deal over this confusion. We ARE Israel. An article recently appeared which was applauding a contingent of US Christians blessing Israel by toiling in the vineyards over in Shomron, or somewhere in the land of Israel. Western Christians send money for this Jewish cause or that, to bless Israel of course. Pretty nice program. The owners of that vineyard probably figure, why not!

Now to all things West, no not rodeos and cowboy boots. Let’s visit the Tabernacle, we could just as easily be talking about Solomon’s (the first) Temple. What is at the western most end of either structure, but the Holy of Holies. This is a figure of the Heavenly Throne Room.

End part 1

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