Hey World! Get Ready

David Garman

Shabbat shalom!

The Ziv life is on the verge of breaking free on the earth. Likewise, it would be considered negligence to omit it’s precursors, which are now rising up to battle against it. As the called out, we will all be touched by this in a manner which was predetermined by Yahweh Himself. We are a living testimony of His Kingdom in the world at this very moment. The fight must be dealt with, we can’t ignore it or pretend that it will go away. Many of us have been looking forward to this day as a hopeful sign of the return of Y’shua the Messiah. Now that it is upon us, we say to ourselves, wait a minute, where is my courage?

It is Yom Teruah. Not saying that we have it exact. Tomorrow night we will sound the shofar, a very appropriate and wonderfully prophetic statement it will be. Hey world! Messiah is coming! We will honor Y’shua’s great sacrifice at Golgotha, by having the ceremony of bread and wine, then the redemptive prophecy of the sound of the shofar, followed by a special meal. What is more fitting at this point in time?

Let this post also bring an urgent message. This communications vehicle called the internet, will be closed to our view point very soon. Indeed this new site appears to have been blocked to any country outside the United States. As an example, until a few weeks ago, most page views came from Great Britain. Some 20 countries have logged on. It has all come to a halt. Their seek and destroy algorithms have found us. The silencing of those who know has begun as it has in ages past.

Step one. Many, but not all those who have voiced the truth of the Kingdom of Yah, over the internet, and/or that have a reputation of so doing otherwise, will enter into the second step, persecution to apprehend you. Betrayal by those of your family, neighbors, or your inner circle will also aid in your apprehension. (Know your personal Judas(s). The power of Left will determine if you are redeemable, if so, to re-education, if not, need I say?

Just before, you and I will speak in their tribunals and their courts, by the power of the Holy Spirit, against them. We will never bow to them. We will never conform to their will. Do you sense that this is very near?

Hey world! Get ready. We are the light of Y’shua. Hey world! Get ready. We will rule and reign with Him. Hey world! Get ready. Your days of decay and sorrow are just about finished. Hey world! Get ready for the Ziv life.

Rest in the arms of Y’shua Messiah. Fear not.

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