Uncharted territory

David Garman

Shabbat shalom.

I pray that you are of peaceful countenance and that you are safe under the shadow of His wings. As the Day of Trumpets or Yom Teruah is upon us, our world seems to be set for dramatic and certainly defining events. The pressure on the day-to-day, status quo in the United States of America has never been greater. By any measure, the warnings have been given and those things necessary for chaos, which is the first salvo, have commenced. Psychological shock first, followed by compliance to demands we, as the called out, must not do.

The timing of these defining events is impeccable. For example, a local scenario is playing out. Unprecedented rain events have occurred around the country this year. We’ve just had ours. Upstream on already soaked farm ground, the Cedar River valley was deluged by a foot of rain (30.5 cm) in a matter of a few hours. Areas to the north of there suffered nearly 15 inches (38 cm). All of that water has to go somewhere. Downstream, emergency evacuations and downtown business clogged the streets with trucks of all kinds to get important valuables out to higher ground. My son was on a volunteer crew, hauling furniture, and filling sandbags. He arrived home thoroughly exhausted and emotionally drained as he lamented that if the river rises as expected, water will over-top the barriers.

If the Cedar crest forecasts hold, Cedar Rapids will receive it’s second 500 year type flood in eight years. The first disastrous flood brought the election of the ambiguous Obama, the second has even greater calamity written over it. The river is set to crest as the debate between the next two candidates for president is expected to air. Expected, because there is no certainty that it will go on. If it does, there is no certainty that it will finish. One thing is certain, the United States of America will enter uncharted territory. The world will be waiting in anticipation to see if the last column Western civilization will fall.

The end of one thing is the beginning of another. We should have no fear in us. Friends, we have to see and experience the dying age for a brief time. In it we will witness and participate in the most powerful examples of the workings of the Creator of the Universe.

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