Veracity pt.2

David Garman

A look into the important definition of the testimony held by the saints found in Revelation 12:17, was a catalyst which exposed an overlooked aspect of a martyr. As said before, the term martyr has been thrown around lately, with little or no regard to the meaning of the word. First and foremost is the veracity these people called martyrs bring. It is the consequences of the same which we associate most often with a martyr. A martyr is one who fearlessly delivers the truth. A courtroom analogy would point to the one called to the witness stand, to testify citing specific instances, to give record, to give evidence and the like. Testimony can be standing one’s ground in the face of authority figures, up to the extreme in physical or psychological trauma.

To put this in our terms as the called out; we have already been identified. We have been consistent in our walk with Y’shua. Those around us see that we aren’t willing to compromise, even “just this one time,” where most would. We put into practice what we profess, they’ve seen that. We are not afraid or ashamed to publicly obey Y’shua our Messiah. Efforts to bring us down seem to accomplish nothing other than to strengthen us. We are in full understanding that we would be as they, were it not for our calling. Our priorities are not in sync with the world. We have sacrificed awards, prestige, acclaim, because worldly glory was alluring, yet somehow contaminated. When it was about to seduce us, we turned our backs on it. Loss of friends, family, spouses, possessions, we’ve all been there. Our eyes are on Salvation. What they don’t understand is that through our walk with Y’shua the Messiah, we have accumulated treasure where there is no corruption.

There are certain signs, identifiers which mark the called out. Those around us can easily point us out.

We have become aware of the myriad deceptions which have permeated all sections of the carnal life. Two examples: If your Christian church is teaching against the Commandments of Yah, they fall into the deceptive category, If you are trusting Jewish authorities which state that the Sabbath, for example, is only for the Jews, you are mistaken. Simply ask, what of the vast majority of Israel people who are not Jewish by tribe or by religion?

Now is the time, as in other epic periods through history, even more so, a time in which we must be thoroughly grounded in our resolve. Fearless yet meek as in power under control. This is why I am so grateful for our bitter trials faced and the powerful Spiritual experiences we share. Speaking as a brother to you, as a fellow sojourner, that your testimony and mine will work in the world as a witness to friend and foe alike, to the factual nature and reality of the Kingdom of the Righteous King on earth. It is His doing after all, no man comes to Y’shua the Messiah except that the Father draws him. This is a selection process, it is a blessing. We are the called according to His purpose, right here, right now, today.

What is a witness? He or she is someone who has experienced or seen something first hand. They can offer facts, they can cite specific details. A witness gives testimony in a matter-of-fact way. A witness is certain, and able to stand up against the cross examiner.

Get set, many of us are going to be betrayed. “They” will turn on us. Our very presence in the room brings them under conviction. Therefore, to see a reward or favor or some sort of relief, parents, children, brothers, sisters mother in law, father in law, neighbors, employers, coworkers, will offer you up to those who have advertised for you. Then you become martureo. You and I will exhibit before the government, the force of the Holy Spirit, in words too potent for them to overcome. What we say will come directly from on High, just as the prophets spoke to the rulers of their day. Trembling fear will enter into them, and all onlookers. Humiliated, they will of course seek to make examples of us, that no one else will dare attempt to follow in our footsteps.

We are not fearful of them, we are not susceptible to their re-education. The only control they have over us is over our physical body, if it so appointed. No need for descriptions, we’ve seen and heard manifold evils of the imaginations of satanically possessed people.

By testifying we are a martyr. A martyr can be put to death because of his or her testimony as a witness. A cloud of witnesses have gone before us. The writer of the book of Hebrews describes the long line of witnesses from the beginning, and the repercussions inflicted on them (see Hebrews 11). The line continues to this very day and hour. Many who have suffered so seem nameless, they have received no mention in the documentary books written by chroniclers, or any of today’s media. Yet they are prized without measure, written in the most important book, kept in the Heavenly Throne Room.

Why bring all of this up? Because we will be faced with it, quite simply. We have been given awareness, we are in the current of understanding, we are called to give evidence, and we are together in companionship with Y’shua the Messiah.

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