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To date, there has been no public testimony of the following. It was, on the other hand, given in tearful account to a home-church group shortly after the event. Even many years later, there is a great deal of hesitation in the consideration to give evidence by witness of my first hand experience.

Because great evil is coming upon the world, it is our reasonable service as the called out, to speak or write, to communicate the radiance which is to surely follow. All too often we allow looks of disbelief, sarcasm, ridicule, jealousy, and other weapons set against the light, to squelch important evidential testimony. Even still, it is understandable that some would dismiss what seem to be self serving stories (because, they reason, God doesn’t work with people like you). As a consequence, we withdraw, we allow testimony which is supposed to witness against the darkness in the world be hidden, as Y’shua said, under a bushel.

This post will serve at least two functions, to expand understanding of a feared term, as well as witness to the veracity of the Word of Yah.

Now, let this testimony go out over the internet, let it be to the glory of Yahweh and may it bless those who happen to read it.

It was late morning, the Sabbath Day, in the Summer of 1995. I had been in contemplation, having just read the account of Y’shua raising Lazarus from the dead. While setting the Bible down on my lap, a feeling of power came over me which brought heightened anticipation and fear at the same time. My wife was preparing to take our little son out to a neighborhood park. Hurry, the Holy Spirit is about to visit, saying within myself. Even as the intensity pressed forward, they walked by, I could hardly answer as the two set out on their walk.

When the door clicked shut, visual perception began to appear as though smoke or a cloud had filled the room. The sense of the physical surroundings was gone. I have no understanding of a transfer from point A to point B, there was no going through a tunnel or a path or what have you, but was just there. Doing the best to relay these next sights and sounds and feelings, it will be difficult.

In the cloud, I was on my knees at the foot of a seated man, and was clutching His lower leg, while my cheek pressed against the outside of His knee. (It was like, as near as can be described, when a small child clings tightly to a parent’s leg when in need of reassurance.) At this point there was the richest awareness of total and complete freedom from fear. There was also a knowledge that others were present in this scene, though because of the cloud, they could not be seen. They could be heard.

As my head turned up to see His face, of course this is an expected response, one of His statements came vividly to life. There was no doubt who He was. The instant my eyes were in position to see His face, a rush, like when great volumes of water are released, as when an outlet valve is opened on a huge reservoir. It came out from His torso. As it “hit” me, a single note was sung, so very loud, yet it did not hurt my ears to hear it. A most beautiful sound, which I tried to describe. And the very source of love and LIFE, really it is impossible to say, awash in, saturated in, the overwhelmingly luxuriant, ultimately fulfilling, satisfying life. Weeping, and out came the same note from deep in my being. The sequence repeated a second time. Looking up to see His face, the water of Life rushed out from His belly exactly as His Word described. The beautiful note being sung accompanied this powerful scene.

As though being gently drawn away, back again as before, then up and out of my chair. You see, we were dirt poor. During that period of our lives, all we had was an air mattress on the floor for a bed. Having just laid down, the door opened, my wife and son had returned. Tamra said is there something wrong, why are you crying? No, I said, and began to tell her what had happened.

We will see that the act of having written the above, by doing so, is the definition of the Greek martur, martureo, spelled out in phonetic. As in, do not be ashamed of the testimony of Y’shua. We are called to be a witness which is the root understanding, to be a martyr.

End part 1

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