Bid Me Come Out

David Garman

Hold your crown down on your head. It is a rough go from here on out. Obstacles of many descriptions are situated closely by. Brothers and sisters we must overcome them. Let me say, do not give in to outside pressures. Look around before you act. Consider all of the possible circumstances or the consequences of your next move. Speak as though you represent the Most High. Speak blessings. In this you will confound the evil within your adversary. Y’shua said to love your enemy for a reason, as counter-intuitive as that many seem to us. If we choose to view love as a conquering weapon, well and good. It isn’t the body we see, the body is the container, it is what the body carries around. Because when the content of the body is gone, it falls limp to the ground.

Not by power, not by might. Everything that we can devise with our hands, with our funds, with our ingenuity, can be quickly and effortlessly destroyed. We can’t hide, we can’t build a strong enough bunker. Trust in bug-out plans, stockpiles, arsenals, forget it. If this is where we go, if we trust by these, and not by the Spirit of Yah, we will simply provide fodder for those who pursue us. This is not to say that we should not be prudent as we see danger approach. In having done all to stand, responsibility for the well being of our family remains.

It is a matter of where we place our trust. We can do all things through Y’shua Messiah, we must internalize this. Our physical needs can be suspended. Y’shua went forty days without food or water, a physical impossibility. We can be hidden in plain sight, ferocious animals will ignore us. Act on the belief in truth with all confidence. Stormy waters, the agitation, chaos and violence, eyes focused on our Savior, and not the immediate danger, we step out of the boat onto the erratic surface, not looking either to the left or to the right. Without doubt we move toward Y’shua the King of kings, our Salvation. This is what we’ve been shown, this is what we must do. It was Simon Peter who wanted to go out onto the waves and into the contrary wind. He cried out to Y’shua, “bid me come out.” Peter and the other disciples in the rocking, heaving boat didn’t even know for sure if it was the Savior out there on the water. The proof was in the invitation, “come.”

In many ways this famous event represents our overcoming fear and overcoming our carnal rationale that it is impossible to stand on water. Notice Peter went a ways out, he entered into faith, for a distance. Then he looked around at the angry waves, and doubt canceled the total victory. We will fight this same battle. Out with all confidence. Though through the course of events acting on us, as a calamity of sights and sounds wax worse around us, we must remain focused on our Savior, Y’shua the Messiah.

Right now, governments are prompting their citizens to keep enough supplies on hand for several days. These promptings are the least direct way to prepare the public without creating panic. They know, and by the use of the term catastrophic event, they reveal enough. Will the crisis take us by surprise? Or are we ground in readiness and prepared to be in service as representatives of the Kingdom of the Great King, the King of Kings, the One Who died, paying the price for our sins, Who from the dead has risen, and to Whom all power was given.

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