Dramatic Escalation

David Garman

Messianic excitement is pushing to the fore. Daily scans of Israeli news sites sometimes deliver tantalizing bits of insight into the expectation of Messiah. A few days ago for one, and in the flavor of an Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds, a radio broadcast went out over the air ways in Jerusalem. Regular programming was interrupted to announce that Messiah had arrived.

For the most part, the program exceeded our expectations in this respect,” Rozen said. “The majority of the responses were incredibly positive, many saying how it reinforces their belief that the Messiah can really arrive at any moment.” Quote, Breaking Israeli News (BIN)

Then a story about the king David’s line of ancestry “ready to rebuild Davidic kingdom in Jerusalem.” The article explained at the onset that “a solid ancestry had been established” with European monarchs and the line of David. They connected to a website, Davidic Dynasty, which cited a number of Jewish family names which have been traced to the psalmist.

But that’s not the most interesting part. The valuable information was presented to Israel’s Chief Rabinate, according to the article, “They were shocked, but they never followed up. My interest was simply to do God’s will, but they understood it as a political agenda. They don’t want king David’s dynasty and they don’t want Moshiach (Messiah),” Susan Roth told BIN. (emphasis mine) Just as in Y’shua Messiah’s day, truth aside, don’t upset or challenge the political status quo.

Some of David’s lineage seem to believe that Messiah is in hiding. It was pointed out that messiah means anointed. All that remains is for someone to anoint a member of the House of David. The belief is that essentially, there is no need for a miraculous revealing of Messiah. If you couple these items with the recent four hundred Jews ascending the Temple Mount, escorted by police, the Jordanian king’s threats which followed, and all of the talk and preparations regarding the Third Temple, events are escalating quickly.

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