Laodicea pt.2

David Garman

Laodicea must overcome. They must overcome the above faults. They must conquer fear of the unknown, of violence, of sickness and injury, of unjust authority, of incarceration, of torture, of death, and fear of the accuser. We should ask ourselves a few questions. Have we overcome anything up to this point in time? The period of ease is ending, and hopefully there have been small victories to build on. Have we yet tasted any of the world’s rebuke, as we have been cut loose from it’s shackles? What has our walk with Y’shua cost us? Yes, salvation is free, but this is about the straight gate, narrowed due to obstacles placed closely about. Y’shua holds the reward and it is given according to our works, what have we actually done, what have we faced? Have we slid through on the wide path, dodging and weaving through any confrontation, compromising with the world? Will we deny Him when we must make a stand? One of the most flagrant acts of compromise with the world is ignoring the Sabbath of Yah.

Y’shua said to Laodicea, “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with Me in My throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with the Father in His throne.” He will give Royal Authority to the Overcomers. The Overcomers will rule and reign with Y’shua the Messiah in His Kingdom. Y’shua overcame, we must do the same. Then to sit with him in His throne, what an awesome privilege as well as a responsibility. He has seen the overcomer on this side of the Kingdom age. He has called them, chose them and they have remained faithful to Him. He said that He calls many but few are chosen. They have not simply acknowledged, given a nod to the Word of Truth. They have lived it to the best of the ability He has given us. They didn’t give up when people turned against them. They didn’t quit when worldly requirements, or their jobs conflicted with the Commandments of Yah. They have faced all sorts of painful things, but they knew that they were and are living Truth. They are us. Nothing can shake that.

So let’s take our place, if we are granted it, under the canopy with Y’shua. The wings of the Charoobs stretched out over us, seated over our marriage covenant. I can’t help but visualize this. A ceremony with those appointed, each sitting with Y’shua a little while then another then another takes their place seated with Him. A procession of kings with the King of kings.

Encouragement one another, be strong, brave, consistent, and kind. Especially when trouble hits, feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty. It may be the last thing logic would dictate when supply is short or nonexistent. It is easy to say this when our stomachs are full, we don’t know how we will respond in the face of crisis. Giving is proof of live faith working in us.

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