Laodicea pt.1

David Garman

Y’shua opens the Revelation by stating Who He is, the Alef and Tav, The First and the Last. Then He commands a written document to each Angel of the Seven Churches (the called out ones). The attributes of the seventh one will be the focus of this post.

Each group of the Called Out were given a specific message with admonitions and encouragement. They’re represented on the map by seven dots on the western end of what is now the country of Turkey. They are represented in the Heavenly throne room by seven candlesticks. Do you see the Menorah in this? The angels associated with each church are represented by the seven stars. The prominence given to this subject indicates it’s extreme importance. A feeling of awe descends as this writing begins.

What was set in motion 2000 years ago with regard to these groups is about to conclude. Laodicea, number seven, what did Y’shua tell her? In today’s speak it would go something like this: You have hidden nothing from Me. (He sees through the playing of church.) You are not palatable to the point I want to spit you out. Hot nor cold, you’re on the fence. You think because you have lots of churchy stuff, piles of tithes, hundreds, even thousands of members, that you need nothing. A harsh rebuke follows as Y’shua describes them as pitiful, naked, you’re a pauper, you suffer enduring trial, your spiritual eyes have cataracts, all of this and you don’t even realize it! Ouch! I tremble at the thought. Not something we want to hear from Messiah.

Y’shua tells them to “buy of Me gold tried in the fire.” Not buy for, rather buy of. This is not 999.99% gold bars, it is the refinement in trial by fire. Fire that brings about full repentance, and bearing the full brunt of hatred from the world. As many as He loves, He rebukes, He chastens, to cause this full repentance because He loves us. He has not left us alone to continue in sin, no, He made us aware of it, made us sickened by it, and sorry, oh so sorry for it. Out of love, you see. He said to them “be zealous therefore and repent.” And therein we find the problem. They are oblivious, they do not recognize any need to repent, they’re nice guys and gals, don’t drink, don’t smoke, they have the Spiritual gifts, and they’re at church Wednesdays and sometimes twice on Sundays. Repent? What for? Blind, because they no longer recognize sin.

All of this sounds familiar. One need not go into detail in description of the many extreme moral compromises, because of the weakness in Laodicea, which have quickly taken hold in the Western world. We are looking at counterfeit renditions of Biblical principles, “neither male nor female” as an example, convoluted to any of the confused gender policies. All is not lost. He said, Pay attention! Have they heard His knock at the door? Have they heard His voice? He’s not standing there with a candygram, or a Fed-Ex package. But this is the way some of us imagine this scene. Come on in, where do I sign, oh – and here’s a cookie, just baked them you know. Thanks, have a good day, see you at church!

Of course, this knock at the door is much, much deeper than that. The counterfeit, pagan religions have for millennia tried to fake the “supper” through drug compounds, meditation-altered states and sexual permission. The satanic mandate is an attempt to usurp through a sensual response, the fulfillment in communion with Y’shua. We can see this in every period through history.

Solomon understood our invitation to sup with Yah. “I sleep, but my heart waketh: it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh.” Not some delivery man with lukewarm pizza. Is there a marriage supper? Are we not His bride? See this, “Open to me my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled: for my head is filled with dew, my locks with the drops of the night.” You and I look forward to our supper with Y’shua with this type of anticipation. And ho, everyone that thirsteth come ye to the waters.

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