Regathering and Rebels

David Garman

The Apostle Paul wrote that all of Israel will be saved. He wrote this as part of a teaching on the grafting in of the “wild” branch and of the “natural” to an olive tree. Wild and natural, he says, wild onto a good olive tree and the natural onto their own olive tree. He then writes of a Deliverer, Who will turn away ungodliness from Jacob. He writes of a covenant, when this Deliverer takes away their sins.

Wild olive trees produce an inferior fruit, smaller and with thinner flesh. However, when cultivated the fruit is improved. The agrielaios, olester, translated wild, is simply an uncultivated olive. An olive is an olive. What is translated as natural implies lineal descent, down in place. We are therefore looking at two sets of olive branches.

Y’shua Messiah said a tree is known by it’s fruit. The olive tree is an ancient symbol of Israel. In his writing to the Romans, Paul did not seem indicate that the olives would be grafted onto the same tree. A good tree and one’s own tree could be the same thing we might reason. It is easy to read past this subtle difference. A good or cultivated tree has been planted, pruned, fertilized to produce a healthy crop of fruit. But if you are going to make the distinction of having your own tree, as Paul does, you are suggesting that this is a private or separate tree. Two olive trees along with lampstands of Zechariah and Revelation perhaps. Olive trees for oil and lamps for light. The two witnesses of the Commandments of Yah and the Testimony of Y’shua/Jesus. Think of this. It is the essence of the regathering.

When we are talking about a regathering, we must also consider a merger of beliefs which have been at odds for 2000 years. That is the Judah Israelite coming to Y’shua Messiah and the “Christian” of Israel coming to Torah. This is our overall mission, if you will, to on one hand teach the Commandments of Yah to the rebellious Israel, and on the other hand, to teach Y’shua Messiah to rebellious Judah. The Messiah Y’shua will accomplish this in those appointed at His appearing. Right now, satanic forces are working to prevent this reunion of family.

Consider for a moment. Rebellion is as witchcraft and stubbornness the iniquity, lawlessness of idolatry. Ezekiel deals specifically with the regathered Israel and the rebellious within her. First let’s understand that we are currently in captivity, and most of us are content with our leeks and garlic. We are in a similar condition to the Israelites in Egypt. We’ve grown to accept it, teach our children accordingly, and prepare for life within the system. We are meat for the beasts of the field.

We’re coming out, I have news for you. HalleluYah! We will be shaken loose of our corrupt habits. He will bring us out, and gather us from the countries where we’ve been scattered.

Who is going to rule all nations with a rod of iron? Y’shua! He’s going to “cause us to pass under the rod,” He’s going to bring us back to Covenant relation with Him. And, He is going to purge out the rebels from among us.


He said, “Out of their (Israel’s) captivity will I bring even these,” the rebellious. The rebels in Israel will be saved, taken out of captivity, but we’d truly rather not be categorized as a rebel in either Judah or Israel. Concerning the rebel, “into the land of Israel they shall not come.”

On a cloudy and dark day He will seek out His sheep. In Yahweh, there is tender mercy. Y’shua, said He will separate the sheep from the goats. But before banishment of the rebels, the wicked, the transgressors, the apostate, he will plead with the congregation of Israel in the pasture of the field. At that point, how a rebel would remain is impossible to fathom. He will judge between cattle and cattle. Like sheep from the goats, between rams and goats, if rebels remain they’re outside.

Finally, is it coincidence that many of the cultivated olives of the world are of the species olea europaea? Very long lived, these trees have been naturalized all around the Mediterranean and into Africa. Syria-Israel lands are said to be the earliest places of olive cultivation. European olive, not the goddess Europa, but Hebrew for the land toward even, the west. Right now the people of Western civilization are under attack (why now?) by subversive forces within and without in an effort to conquer or destroy this olive branch before the regathering.

What constitutes Israel today, but the tribes, all of the tribes, and those who have joined themselves to her. One more point, all of the talk by the Israeli government of Israel being formally recognized as a Jewish state omits the vast majority of Israel people.

Israel shall be saved in Yahweh.

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