A quick note

David Garman

A quick note. The last few days of August 2016 are making a bit of a stir. “Something big’s going to happen on August 30,” or since Planet X didn’t show and is postponed until that general time frame. There is an important astral event which will take palace at even, by Hebrew the day begins at even, therefore the 28th. At sunset, 27 August, Gregorian, two of the brightest bodies in the night sky, the planets Venus (Noga) and Jupiter (Zedek) will be in extremely close conjunction, at the head of the constellation Virgo. (Software has them practically touching.) The ziv, brilliance of Venus (Y’shua said that He is the Bright Morning Star), combined with the Righteous King planet, in the Virgin, His Bride, is a definite Messianic signal.

It is really a three-way conjunction, though blocked by the twilight, the star Beta Virginis, is right in there. With hesitation because of traditional resistance, will say that this star has an ancient meaning of the Right Law Administrator, or The Right Hand Administrator of the Law. Y’shua is at the right hand of Father and He will rule the world with a rod of iron. My notes show a set of three very close Venus-Jupiter conjunctions. One has already happened 30 June 2015, in Leo, and the next will take place 13 November 2017, at the feet of Virgo.

Look for the conjunction not far above the western horizon. After the sun sinks below the horizon, it will become visible as atmospheric conditions allow. FYI

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