The Power Plant of the Cell (video)

David Garman

Science continues to prove the pseudoscience of evolution is a fake. The more far reaching, the more potent the discoveries, the more startling the evidence demands Intelligent Design. The accidental evolutionists should be laughed off the perches of “higher education.” The content in the following video, on the power plant of the cell, is not news to some of you. It is posted here to help further distribution of this type of information. Very few doubted intelligent design until forced public education took charge. It is amazing how much must be unlearned to undo the damage done by the so-called elite. Yahweh, Y’shua Elohim of Israel is the only I Am. His universe is unspeakably massive and unimaginably small. Just as intricate from either direction. It seems man perceives it from the middle.

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