In Times Like These

David Garman

Sometimes we hesitate to speculate on what is lurking around the corner. A spirit of trepidation seeks to overwhelm us. Particularly now, as we seem to be in the outflow of an approaching storm. Even so, maintain an arms length approach to what we think we see. These are media driven pictures and second hand accounts. Not to dismiss them, rather see them as an edited version of what may have taken place. Every side in an issue has an agenda. Each account is packaged by the media outlet, and many control both sides of the right-left paradigm. Illusion in, that we are offered a chance to decide what is true. Media outlets have enormous potential to influence our thinking. They take full advantage of that power.

Nevertheless, the storm will hit. Our response to it is key. A fearful population, a hungry population is easily swayed, we see the various necessities of life held like a carrot on a stick. This has always been the means to subdue a population, and force it’s compliance. This age is no different.

Being called out in Y’shua Messiah, as we are, the carnal parts of our mind are sensitive to a perception of vulnerability. We shouldn’t be too difficult on ourselves, should that feeling of being vulnerable try us. After all, great men and women of the Bible have been there just as we are. Of our fellow sojourners, king David’s response, given many times through his psalms, is most helpful. In times like these, the Book of Psalms comes very highly recommended. David lets us in on his own vulnerability, as he cried out within the trials he faced. Often he was penitent, self was placed low, “I pour out my soul,” he said.

Was it important to say, “For innumerable evils have compassed me about:”…as they do and will with us, and “my iniquities have taken hold upon me, so that I am not able to look up;”? Yes! We go before Father with a contrite heart. “He saveth such that be of a contrite, (crushed) spirit.” He rejects any pride and haughtiness. And in Isaiah, “to this man will I look (saith Yahweh), even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit and trembleth at My word.” Immediately, those prophets who’ve been in the Heavenly Throne Room, recognize their impurities. We should approach in like manner.

Expect attacks from various directions, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but Yahweh delivereth him out of them all.” We should not be dismayed when we are attacked, it goes with the territory.

We magnify Yahweh. Lift up His Name. Do not be ashamed. This is critical. If we are embarrassed or ashamed, we have denied Him. His Name, His Authority, what an honor to confess before men. Then, we must trust. Many a time we think of receiving a miracle of rescue, in our minds we trust. When it comes to applying this in a real situation, we find that we are lacking. Panic takes hold, it is a dreadful thing to fall into the category of the fearful, see Revelation 21:8. And do we have coupled with self-denial, a profound, adoring, awed respect toward Yahweh? This is what if means to fear Him. Then here, “The angel of Yahweh encampeth about them that fear Him, and delivereth them.” Expect, expect an Angel is encamped as a hedge around you. Fitting, don’t you think, with the frequent talk of interment camps for the non compliant faithful.

The Beloved Psalmist gave many words of comfort, for the heartbroken, afflicted, persecuted, the repentant, and illustrated boundless joy by the total victory in Yah.


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