From Stone to Flesh

Part 2

David Garman

We already have a heart muscle pumping blood throughout our bodies. Why then would Father need to give us a heart of flesh? Its really what has happened to us. Our entire outlook, the way we perceive the world changed. Have you been accused of pulling a 180? I know that I have. We have turned away, completely around. You and I have been on an entirely new path since Father solidified His Commandments within us, when wrote His Covenant within us. We are unified in this act, even though oceans may separate us, even though we may live in different countries. When we received it our central focus changed, we began to operate under a different Authority. We were once stubborn and defiant, rebellious, we had built our own way. We were on it.

We know our heart is in our chest, though we never see it, likewise is the King of kings when we stand for Him. Then, something tender, new, we were vulnerable, yet we were energized with a power that we did not understand. We were in unfamiliar territory, fresh as the dew. We saw a courage, as though our hands, our feet, had simply borne us over, and our mouths were opened to speak. Yes, even now in this present age, we’ve tasted a morsel of life eternal. We’re always made aware that the world hates us because it hated our Master before us. We now know that it is simply evidence of the Truth we live.

Stone to flesh, once in stone carried in a replica of the Heavenly Throne. Now in an ark of flesh, in us, in our thoughts, in our desires. Y’shua seated on the throne of our lives.

You and I have rejected the false law of the world. We know that corruption and destruction are in it’s wake. The violence, the atrocities we see are a direct result of these competing laws, the laws in and of the world against the living breathing Torah of Yah. Light against the devoid of light, it is that simple. The way, the truth and the life, versus bondage, deceit and death. I have news for them, death and hell will not prevail, and we know it well. We hear all too often, those in power tout the rule of law, law conjured by evil, codified and forced upon us. All we need to is look at what they do. This law mixed with that law, what a happy lot. Death and hell is all they’ve got!

The perfect law of liberty. True liberty is freedom from curses we are under. Curses hardly recognized, they’re so much a part of life. Collectively, we are trained into servitude. We allow evil to dominate. You may have heard the head of the Republican Party, during his speech at the just concluded Republican National Convention 2016 say in rousing bluster, to paraphrase, “I want to see every American able to pay their mortgage, buy groceries, and pay their child’s college tuition!” The cycle of servitude, right there. Its all we’ve ever known.

We must leave our comfort zone. The Sinai event has taken place within us, we keep, we guard that Commandment, that one everyone seems to have a problem with. We fear no giants. We’re going in.

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