From stone to flesh

David Garman

The Human Ark

An open letter to Israel

Remaining true to our mission, we offer this unique book as a source of support to the many who face hardship as a result of keeping the Commandments of Yah. To support the Truth, as well, which in many ways is ignored.

A 28 year old man cried up toward heaven “What am I doing wrong?!”

Look into the internal and external battles, victories, revelations seen through newly opened eyes. The Commandments were being written on a heart and a mind, what was being implanted was unquestionably and absolutely the Truth. Nothing could shake him from it.

The Human Ark, in other words, the Commandments written within a living, breathing Ark of the Covenant, was printed 25 years ago. From stone to flesh, a new heart. Sometimes gritty documentations by real life experiences and observations. One man reeling in the midst of the whirlwind of conflict his life had become. Feel the critique and admonishment. In quiet loneliness, the author recalls, the Scriptures old and new, seemed to project a movie in his mind. A grasp of the New Covenant concept was proofed by the young author, in no small part, through the actual function of living it out.

Written in poetic prose, this small yet powerful book called out what are some of today’s front burner issues. Medical coercion, misplaced trust, the health insurance cartel, modern persecution of the saints, social engineering, and modern idolatry, are a few examples.

We are left with the sense that whatever globalized government most vigorously promotes, is destructive to Biblical Truth.

Misunderstanding of the New Covenant was pervasive, it thoroughly saturated the Christian churches. Any suggestion that the Commandments were to actually be kept, was immediately rebuked in the harshest of terms. The tide may be turning.

A few copies of the book were distributed shortly after printing in 1991. It was determined to wait for a more receptive climate somewhere in the future. The first paragraphs of the book were begun in 1987, and work picked up in 1990 to finish. It was hand keyed from the manuscript into the software of the day by the printing company. From there, it went directly to press. A few typographical errors are found, however they cause no harm to the voice. Quotes from the book of Hebrews are attributed to the Apostle Paul, though his authorship of Hebrews is not certain.

Excerpts from The Human Ark:

What do we dwell on in these days, what are we afraid of? These questions tell the tale in our own lives, for we know our heart’s desire, the goal of our mind, and the effort to attain it. With ringing clarity we are absorbed in the implanted lust for gain.”

Really, it can only come from experience where truth is concerned. An honest experience, to feel truth and it’s painful effect coupled with it’s assurance of infinite grandeur.”

Your purchase of The Human Ark helps to support this effort to minister to the Saints of Revelation 12:17, 14:12 and 22:16

The Human Ark     Paperback     1991

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