At War with Fear

David Garman

Thank you for visiting Zivlife. In part, the stated action taken in these posts is to give warning when necessary. Each of us knows by experience that understanding is at war with confusion and with fear. If we are under the spirit of fear, we have drifted from the gift of faith, and faith brings peace which even surpasses understanding. I’ve said for years that faith is a verb, and a verb is defined as an action, not a denomination. The just will live by faith. We want to be counted among the just, we want this to be self evident in our daily walk. Friend and foe alike should be able to attest to this. Sure, we fail, but we learn from it until we are made perfect.

A barrage of upheaval, chaos, violence, death, more and more, there is no time to catch your breath between volleys. The attacks are to draw us out of our comfort zone. We know another one is coming, the world has entered the last stages of labor. And labor produces birth. I have been present at the birth of each one of my children. There are predicable stages until the baby is born. Y’shua’s use of the birth analogy entirely matches what we are entering today. Labor, disrupting at first, reaches the point where Mom has endured many contractions, and they become unbearable, then the baby is born. First the birth analogy shows a joyous outcome, as a father, holding little baby, who’s been growing in the womb, until the point where you feel baby’s tap, tap, tap against your hand, and even recognizes Dad’s voice!, nothing like it. We should rest in knowing that like this, we’re in a predictable state of events unfolding in the world.

This age is coming to an end, which is also a beginning. In other words, we should look at these events as a beginning. Instead of crying about what was, we are preparing for something new. Why resurrect something like the Norman Rockwell era? Come on, is that all there is? Rockwell portrayed a certain false innocence, where people believed they lived by the Golden Rule. Hidden behind going to church and being nice. His images of Americana were the aspirations of the time, not unlike today, times of uncertainty and war. Pass the turkey.

One current politician’s slogan to make America great again, encapsulates a response to the symptoms of our current national condition of impassiveness. A good start, but by it’s own premise it is a backward looking philosophy. Politicians, kings, billionaires, dictators, militaries, even do-gooders can never “fix” the condition. Nor will the progressive, liberal, socialist, communists, who’s insurgency has been most devastating to this America and any other place found in it’s grip. A vile person shall be no more called liberal, it is a contradiction of terms, look at what those who call themselves liberal represent.

Since we’re talking turkey, the government of Turkey burst onto the news yesterday, and just the day after a major muslim attack in France. The coup was simply to elevate the status and the perception on power of the current rulers. Those in power are working to reestablish the old caliphate. The same one in control of Jerusalem before Gen. Allenby. Here we go again. Turkey along with the confederacy, the Arab League, and it’s elevated prestige in the muslim world, will be at full strength to make their move against Jerusalem. Who will stop them? The famous Psalm 83 lists what are essentially the founding members of the Arab League. To preempt, immediately after the formation of the league, they went about to wipe Israel off of the map, even before Israel officially became a state May 14 1948. “They have said, let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel be no more in remembrance.” Sound familiar? They’ll be at it again as a unified force. This is nothing new to us, though it is worth repeating.

Once again a siege of Jerusalem and Judah will be seen, Zech 12, Luke 21. The popular BDS boycott Israel program, is today’s politically correct precursor to this siege. The Arab League tried this same tactic back as early as 1945, everything old is new again. When the coming siege is laid, watch out. Yahweh will pour out His Spirit on the House of David. Then, the House of David shall be as Elohim, as the Angel of Yahweh. Sounds like glorified beings. The Spirit of Grace and Supplication, then look! They, the House of David, will look upon Me (Y’shua Messiah) Whom they have pierced, with deep bitterness and mourning! At the time of this great display of national sorrow, Jerusalem and it’s inhabitants will be thoroughly cleansed. Why deny this great conversion is coming? The One who rescues them is the One they pierced.

Beforehand, false prophets will come out of the woodwork when fear takes hold. The more fearful the times, the more open to falsehood. But we are consistent, we are even cheerful, because we know the outcome. Waiting, waiting, here is the patience of the Saints, here are they who guard the commandments of Elohi and have the faith of Y’shua.

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