Harps of God

David Garman

Upheaval is about to touch every life (if it hasn’t already). Opposed cultures have been seeded into the social fiber of it’s counterpart. National response to crisis is crippled. National security is flagrantly compromised, infested with treasonous humans, and cyber traitors. Down on a person to person level, neighbors are encouraged to report on neighbors, under penalty of law. To save themselves, they will betray us to authorities. They know who we are, the Sabbath is our mark. Necessities of life are used as tools against us. If they or their agenda are threatened by our outspoken knowledge of the truth, of course we’ll be shut down. Channels of communication are owned and controlled by those who oppose us. We are allowed to publish only as a fact finding source. In the time of chaos, the fearless will continue to proclaim Y’shua the Messiah any way they can. We will continue to declare His name, His authority over His creation, regardless of the repercussions.

We love righteousness and hate to see the breaking of Yah’s Commandments. Having said the above, it seems unlikely that we would see any reason to jump for joy. However, the Scripture says that we are anointed with the oil of gladness because of this. Blessed are they who hunger and seek after righteousness: for they shall be filled, Y’shua said. A very interesting analogy is found in the writings of Isaiah. We are like a cluster of grapes, all of us together. Each grape has the potential to become wine. In order for that to happen, grapes must be crushed. There is a blessing within. Again, blessed are the poor in spirit. Not spiritual beggars, indeed a mighty Spiritual victory is taking place. Distress, even fright are normal instincts we could feel at the onset. The juices pressed out, by the trials we’ve faced. Because at the beginning and at the final stand we are faced briefly with the unknown. Our hearts also want to cry out, Elohi, Elohi! Lama sabachthani? But He has definitely not forsaken us, no way. Remember we are not destroyed, we are not destroyed, no matter what they do to us.

The last trumpet will sound, not at the first. Blessed are they who know that joyful sound. An amazing display of joy and the deepest, the highest, covering the entire spectrum of worshipful output in the Heavenly throne room, at the commencing reign of Y’shua Messiah. The minions of devils will not go without a struggle, their defeat is sure. We have gotten victory over the Accuser by the Blood of Y’shua and by our testimony. We who have gotten victory over the beast, because we refused to give in to it’s demands, will be given “harps of God.” These instruments once used in the Temple services, called the nevel, nebel, or the kinnor, are hand held with ten strings or twelve respectively, played as part of the music ensemble. The temple fixtures being an earthly representation of the Heavenly. They produce a rich, almost archaic sound. Contentment, knowing the earthly battle is over for us, at last we are welcomed into this place. As the plagues of Divine wrath rage upon earth, in contrast, sounds will speak through vibrating strings, the perfect accompaniment to our emotion of gladness.

Some believe that the nevel’s ten strings represent some ten great truths, well, yes. They won’t speculate on what those ten truths might be. Why ten and why twelve? These two instruments harmonize, the nevel has a deeper tone than the kinnor. A male and female voice. Is this a representation of the Marriage Covenant  (the New Covenant) with Israel in the form of musical notes? I personally believe it is. From cover to cover, the Bible is about this Covenant, The establishing of it, the breaking of it by Israel, the re-establishment of it by the Blood of Y’shua, and finally the Marriage Supper of the Lamb at the end of the age. Our Covenant with Yahweh is the direct opposition force against the beast system and all of it’s tentacles. The Commandments and the Testimony and the Faith of Y’shua are the weapon against the mark of the beast. This is why the dragon’s wrath is aimed squarely at us.


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