A voice in the wilderness

David Garman


It is Independence Day here in the states. But I’m celebrating independence for another reason, and a different declaration. Yes it is good to think on our national blessings, but it is difficult to disconnect from how they’ve been squandered. Those of us here who have been watching and those who have experienced degradation in their countries need not be reminded. Independent, we, as the liberated, called out, are in this world but not of this world, hence forth and forever. Blessed are our eyes and our ears, we’ve heard the word of the Kingdom and have understood. Just as Y’shua said. And we have faced the rebuke of those in the world as a result.

Declaration of independence? Who wrote it? Ours is written in a place where no man can write. It is written by the One Who’s face is brighter than the sun. Not a glow, rather a never before seen light, which lights the whole world, I Am The Way, The Truth, The Life, says He. Think of it! We have an agreement with the Creator of the Universe, and He has seen fit to personally write it indelibly into each one of us by his own hand! It’s better because, pardon me, it ain’t goin’ nowhere! Jeremiah 31:31 and Hebrews 8:8 start the description of our document.

In the present day, global powers scramble for dominance. As each one resorts to what amounts to unthinkable measures in their devil driven desire, they will never own us. This is what they seek most. With all of the subtle, sinister stools they’ve devised to draw, to coerce, to deceive, they can not mark us, they can not direct us, they can cause no fear; we are not theirs. We in England, we in Russia, Australia, Spain, we in Argentina, Germany, Greece, we in China, New Zealand, the Netherlands, have declared our independence.

The expression was heard recently, that it is like “screaming at a football game.” Alone in a sea of people, is what it seems. A huge void with no one to hear our shouts for help, it can feel that way. We are vessels of opposition to the iniquitous world. We are peculiar to them as to why. We no longer think as they do. We no longer act the way they do, or seek the pleasures they do. We will find no friend there, but the superficial.

Independence, written in our mind and in our heart. He said, I will write, no one else can. We live by it now, but perfect at His Kingdom. All questions settled. The earth subdued. The corrupt and violent who attempt to hold sway over us, gone. Y’shua Messiah has taken His great power and has reigned!

Our fellow servants are the angels. The whole family in heaven and earth has been given a name, we are joined in Y’shua. In our various ways we contribute to, we help prepare for the Second Advent of Y’shua the Messiah. Let it be quickly.

Remember, the Word of Yah, as a two edged sword, cuts right through the clamor. As we speak His words our voices are not drowned out. Someone, somewhere will be reached. Overcome, Overcome, Overcome, fellow sojourners.

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