Public Stand (video)

David Garman

When first hearing of Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s Bible Proclamation, the thought came that, well at least he’s trying to do something. And that was that. A few weeks had passed, and I had the opportunity to actually read the signed document. This was no political stunt. It was a sincere call to read the Bible in front of the courthouse in each of Iowa’s 99 counties. This was stated to take place from 30 June until 3 July 2016. The text contained the many precedents for such a document. Some of the content really solidified in my mind that we must make a stand. He did.



Governor Branstad sited the many societal ills we face. Social scientist have failed, civic and church leaders search for answers, “all of which can be found in God’s revealed word for mankind.”

“The Bible is recognized as the true word of God, showing the way of Salvation.” This was not the best quote. Look, “Regular Bible reading renews the mind of men, thus transforming the life of the individual which ultimately affects the lives of those in the family, local community, the state. And the nation. And, “furthermore encourage individuals and families in Iowa to read through the Bible on a daily basis each year until the Lord comes.” This, from the longest serving Governor in U.S. history. As one can imagine, he has been heavily criticized and rebuked for this document.

If we can’t, after being encouraged, even invited to come out onto the grounds of the county seat, and outwardly proclaim the Word of Yahweh, as a stand against the evil in the world, what then? No one would threaten us with arrest, or violence. At least, we didn’t think so. We seized the opportunity (while we still could). My wife and I discussed it, we got into the pick-up truck, and drove to the county courthouse. A heavy soaking rain delayed us, but the skies cleared on the way.

Perhaps there would be someone there who felt the way we did. We were the only ones at that point in time. The Bible held open garnered curious looks from passers by and from inside the courthouse.

We read the long form 10 Commandments according to Exodus 20:1-17. These words have recently been stripped, even though abbreviated, from courthouses across the country. But the entire content went out into the air this morning, no drama, but as a confession, and to profess in the sight of Yah.

So many in the violent world we live in could never do this. Christians are being executed in unspeakable ways, for publicly declaring Y’shua, Salvation. They have the martyrs crown. At the very least, we in the free world, hide inside boxes called churches. God’s just fine on these terms, many would say. We as a nation must repent. We must turn back to the instructions for good living, learn them and do them.


One thought on “Public Stand (video)

  1. Great for you David, to take a stand for Yah in this dark day of Atheistic/Evolution darkness,
    and much worse.

    Reminded us of the time a Salvation Army chaplin and I stood on the main street in a
    medium city and spread the gospel to passers by on the sidewalk or in their cars passing
    by. Keep up the great work.

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