Sayings in verse

David Garman

The magnificence of The Creator’s work, Words to silence, Credibility


Looking toward heaven

What do you see in the day and in the night?

Gradient fields of azure

Give way to scarlet and fire

Soft plumes of vapor and mist

Reach up in peace

Sometimes violent

Ever changing

Look away and its gone

Then a colorless pool

Filled beyond and out of reach

Sprinkled by light

Distant, silent

Long, we do to know of them

David Garman, May 2016


Wars begin with words

Words to silence

Words to shame

Words to kill

Who westward came

David Garman, September 2015


Credibility comes

By our consistent, dependable walk

So, we cannot present conflicting signals

What a man does in his home is a true witness

Those under his roof give the best testimony

Love. When was the last time

The last time we took our wife by the hand

And said to her “I love you”?

It’s not all talk

She should have no doubt just the same

And our children know it’s true

Because we’re patient and kind

It’s what we do

They see it every day

David Garman, March 2016

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