Some Empty Chairs

David Garman

Our’s is not a calling toward gain and gold.

We are invited to the table fully furnished with bread, wine and fatlings. What are we waiting for? Listen to the din of various conversations and the silverware clicking against the many plates. We’re not too late, there’s some empty chairs. Shh! Listen, Someone’s tapping the wine goblet, ting, ting, ting.

A feast fit for a King. Nothing left to chance. Everything prepared to the highest standards. Who could refuse, rather, why would they? That bread and wine, that promise through the ages fulfilled! See, the fatlings are wisdom. You know that the wisdom we eat at this gracious table is not the same as other wisdom. It is not the wisdom of the quote, world, end quote. This wisdom will not appear in the Wall Street Journal, nor the church bulletin. These are both financial entities.

We are distinguished by our motives. One stores their riches here and the other stores their riches there. One’s riches are there for all to see, the other’s treasures are out of sight. One strives to load their account here, the other there. “Money’s a score card,” a wealthy attorney once said. Suppose that the highest number of points wins the game of life. What then? Can he redeem these points for equity at the pearly gates? Does he care that earthly accouterments will eventually decay away? Oblivious as well that the system he learned so diligently will meet it’s end.

Instead, blessed, blessed are we, who guard, do, teach, keep, the commandments of Yah, and that have the faith of, the testimony of Y’shua the Messiah. This is the right to enter in through the gates, into the City. Y’shua said in His goodness, that we would experience what He did, if we follow Him. We’ve felt it, we did it. It is our testimony too. We have repented, we are covered by the Blood of the Lamb. Thereby our cloths are clean. He has caused our iniquity, our lawlessness to pass from us. Our victory over hasatan secured.

Do not ignore the invitation, there is a placecard, an empty chair for you and me. We have stored our riches here. Look, the One at the head of the table is about to speak.

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