David Garman

Imagine if tomorrow’s headline read…

Breaking: Man heals all diseases, no matter how severe, huge crowds gather!

News would be around the world in minutes. The story goes, people in the vicinity saw it first hand. Everyone saying bring Grandma, get baby, everyone who is sick! Lines form, people from all walks of life eagerly awaiting their turn to have a miracle, a miracle of healing and liberty in their lives. Think of being fifty people away holding back the tears, witnessing the awesome spectacle. One after another overcome with jubilation, the open air filled with thundering shouts of praise to Yah, laughing, crying in the same breath. Of course they believe, it’s happening right there in front of them.

As quickly as the story hit, big media moves to suppress it. Government entities immediately dismiss it as a dangerous hoax. People may stop seeing their doctor, they may not take their medications. Faith in the system would be threatened. Some fault would have to be found in the man of healing. He must disappear. But too many witness have seen. And it has surfaced that this was not an isolated incident. Reports state that this phenomenon is taking place all over the globe. No doubt this is a realistic scenario, but now is not the time for parables. It is time to speak frankly and directly about the necessity for true faith as an action, working in our lives.

Trouble is coming. Indeed it is already here. There will be overwhelming need. Great fear and the resulting panic will overcome many. Those of us who have professed the type of faith described above, will be sought after. We claim to have the gifts of the Holy Spirit working in our lives, now they’re looking to us for action. My friends, what if we fail to deliver? Have we taken the small steps now while we are at relative ease? Have we planted that tiny mustard seed, or have we kept it in a safe place for another day?

Because of the richness of Y’shua Messiah’s speech, there is nothing superficial, which He paints with His words. Certainly this is the case with His use of the mustard seed. Mustard grows wild in the Mideast. Though it is an annual, it’s branches can reach the thickness of a man’s arm. Because of ideal conditions, they can grow as high as a “horses head” (even 8 feet, 2.5 meters by some accounts) and birds are known to build their nests in them. The seeds are small, with an interesting quality. They are quite pungent and they leave a lingering burning sensation in the nose and mouth. If you are stuffed up, these will clear your airways. The seed produces a high quality oil, with antimicrobial qualities. Mustard, both the seed and the greens, have been a benefit to mankind for millennia.

Preservation and healing are the pictures in many of the Biblical references to plants. Not only do the various plants and trees function as prescribed in the natural, they refer to an action, Father’s intention for us. Live faith is a gift, I say live faith because faith without works is nothing but a denomination. If we don’t act on faith, we won’t do what we profess. Internalize the promises Y’shua made concerning those of healing, prophecy, speaking in tongues, and what about raising the dead, and greater.

People, brothers and sisters, “God forbid” that we may be found to have failed to grow and develop these gifts to maturity. I shudder to think of standing in front of Y’shua if He should say, What! I gave you access, I gave you these tools and you did nothing with them! I’m critiquing myself as well. This has been on my mind often, as we see trouble begin.

We are double-minded, many of us. Our loyalties are divided. We say, I’ll pray for a healing, but if it doesn’t happen by tomorrow, we’re going to the doctor. This mentality takes us right out of a position to receive a joyous healing, before we start. We miss the healing to strengthen, to grow our seed of faith until the need arises again. Caveat: Never dissuade someone from seeing a doctor, they have already made that commitment. The decision to act on faith must come entirely from the afflicted person. Every situation will be different. It is always better that the afflicted person ask for prayer when possible.

The more we place ourselves in a position to require this live active faith, when we need the faith of a mustard seed, the use of it will develop certainty in the result through Y’shua. Start with the small things, however some of the most awe inspiring healings have come during extreme urgency. Some healings are dismissed because they were not instant. Always remain assured regardless of the timing. The One doing the healing, is aware of the need, don’t be afraid to pray again, and again.

Because many do not believe, do not allow them to steal your joy. They will say something like, it would have gone away on it’s own, or did you get a diagnosis to prove it. The power of evil works to halt your progress by causing doubt. Sure it takes courage to pursue the path of faith. Your heart may race and you may feel the sting of the naysayers. Like the mustard seed, it is first unpleasant, hot and pungent, then the release of it’s healing oil. The little seed symbolizes the beginning of faith. Wouldn’t it be a bit troublesome, though, were we to experiment with moving mountains? We can on the other hand, by our example of faith, influence governments and rulers whom many of us will be brought before. Speaking by inspiration from on High, we will embody evidence of the Glorified Messiah.

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