A hedge of thorns

David Garman

Is it permissible to bring a topic which seems more in line with Pesach on Shavuot?

While contemplating the Aaronic Blessing, before speaking it on my family, the eve of Shavuot, I saw a hedge of thorns. This hedge is a protective enclosure, as in Yahweh bless you and keep you. It serves two main functions, one to block intruders, and two, to preserve those within. Then I saw another hedge of thorns, and it had been pressed onto the head of Y’shua. As I considered this, I looked down from above and saw it was like the first. That was the vision.

Yahweh bless you

What a wonderful thing to say to someone. First, we are placing the name of the King of the Universe on them. We are the apple of His eye, or, He has us constantly in the center of His eye. Yahweh bless you, Yahweh adore you, this is what we are speaking over our people. It can be difficult to comprehend that He would cherish us so much. He does!

…and keep you

It is popular today to pray for “a hedge of protection” around someone before traveling or perhaps as they deal with difficulty. Though when we pronounce Yahweh keep you, on our people, it is a salvational proclamation. A hedge of thorns is an effective deterrent against invaders, both man and beast. Within this hedge we are safe, preserved, and defended.

Having been focused on the word, keep, and seeking to convey a deeper understanding by the hearing this powerful blessing, the pictures received were of great benefit. These thorns which encircled Y’shua’s head were intended to mock Him. What they intended as evil was ultimately good, the jeering men unwittingly crowned Him as Savior. Salvation, the message has been about repentance, salvation and Y’shua’s rule over the entire earth, since Adam fell. The embodiment of, the One Who is Salvation, suffered this hedge of thorns pressed down onto His head. It is the first of His many crowns.

We are a holy nation and a kingdom of priests. To realize this we must as a nation repent, that is quit sinning. Yet, we continue in our rebellion and the hedge is lifted. It is divine judgment that intruders come in. We will eventually cry out in heavy sorrow. Many who intend harm will see the power of Yah over us, and in us.  They will be saved.

As priests, should we not with a pure heart speak this blessing on our people? What a great loss that we  have abandoned these words, so rich with meaning. What a cure for the national epidemic of depression, just to know and to internalize the opening line! Find the blessing in the book of Numbers c6-v22-26. Commit it to memory.

As we celebrate the time of Shavuot, we give thanks by the lifting of hands, the same as when giving the Aaronic blessing. Thanks for the giving of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit by Whom we have healing, strengthening, communication, peace, and a warning system of conviction lest we wander out of the hedge.

Note: The garden of Eden was a protective enclosure, New Jerusalem will be a protective enclosure. Good in and bad out.


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