The Beginning

David Garman

Anyone who has not been willfully ignorant, can feel it in the air. Some major life changing event is about to take place. We’ve been told the financial system is about to crash, an extinction level asteroid impact is an existential threat, a viral pandemic is lurking in the shadows, food shortages, water pollution threaten famine, chaos, martial law, aliens, the Antichrist, the Mark of the Beast, a Hillary Clinton presidency, its a never ending stream of doom. Its the end of the world.

Much of this is prophesied to happen. Of course, these things should be taken very seriously. On the other hand, we should be aware that the enemy has also read the books of Revelation and Daniel for example. We need to see that we are targets of manipulation by a wide array of media outlets. Because they control what we know and what is hidden. Simple.

They tell a story, it becomes an issue. Prognosticators and opinion wizards tell us what to think about it. Like a spigot, they shut up about it, and it is quickly forgotten. A new thing about once a week, maybe two, depending the perceived importance. The goal is to keep us in a perpetual state of crisis. If they can, if not there is always a ballgame, a movie or worse to keep us entertained. They want us continually distracted, they want us to engage in doing things vicariously.

I believe that the advent of television was the launch of the “image that speaks,” which has been under continual technological development and refinement to this day (and what control it has had on us). Our minds are full of their pictures and sounds. Now we can pick up a tiny screen and instantly indulge in any form of activity. The ultimate fruition of this process will be released to great wonder and awe.

Yes, this is about the last days, the end of the age. What about the beginning? Do we really want this tired, corrupted age to continue? With all of it’s fearful sights, the old thing has to, it must die off! We should not long for the good ol’ days. No.

We don’t understand sometimes what we are fighting for. Is it everyone around the table on Easter Sunday for grandma’s ham and all the trimmings? Is it all just to recline on a cloud, like we’re on some sort of eternal hot air balloon, peeling grapes and so forth? We know better. Is it a superhero, human machine hybrid existence, is it some breakthrough live forever vaccine, of course not.

Look at the current state of affairs in the world as a beginning. I’ve learned to do the same, sure it’s getting uglier by the day out there, by the way, we’re not out until the last trump. Go check the timing on that. We are coming into a blooming, birthing explosion of life. As a picture of this life I’m talking about, there is a short video of conception, the joining of egg and sperm. Scientists have purportedly shown the instant conception takes place, maybe you’ve seen it. At that fraction of a second, a tiny flash of light is given off. A Beginning! Regardless of this video, at every turn the King of the Universe is announcing His intention toward us. I will be getting into detail at my next post with respect to this ziv beauty.




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