Another Thing Entirely

David Garman

Y’shua the Messiah gives us a clue as to the timing of his second advent. There would be parallels to the “Days of Noah.” It would be a task to find anyone who has not had at least a childhood storybook exposure to Noah and the Ark. An eccentric old man, a giant boat, animals two by two, a flood and a rainbow, right? God saved Noah from the flood, because everyone else on earth was bad, flip the page in your coloring book.

Let’s grow up a bit. Why not open the book of Genesis, why not take advantage of any and all revelation? If current events do not match the goings on Noah experienced, literally or metaphorically, we should not expect the imminent return of Messiah. Knowing what to expect is of great comfort, and a hedge against panic.

Concerning “Noah’s day” today: There are many details to be examined, but I’m just going to hit a few stand-out points. First thing, the flood of water in Noah’s day will not be repeated. The conditions which caused the flood, on the other hand, is another thing entirely. Water, or the sea, is often used prophetically to indicate masses of human beings. Today, that water, that flood is of people, which is judgment. Secondly, we find a saturation of impure sexual activity, then and now. For one, cross breeding occurred which produced a hybrid race called giants. These giants may have been fathered by twelve or fifteen foot tall beings. There are some simple logistical problems with this, though I’m not saying this is impossible. How does a normal sized woman survive to receive seed in the first place from such a male, then carry to term his 25 to 30 pound offspring? A famous, ruthless warrior group, perhaps with a special name, fits the definition just as well.

The theme: Noah was not a participant in the immoral escapades of his day, his line was not compromised as it says. He escaped. There was a beginning, again. In the second month, the month of Ziv, the twenty seventh day, the earth was finally dry. Out, Noah and his family came from the protection of the ark, and onto fresh, solid ground. OK, do you see that Noah was 601 years old when the water was gone from the earth? The ground was still saturated, it was the first day of the first month. He had entered his seventh century. He endured mocking and persecution, he stuck to his mission, he overcame fear and doubt, he was obedient, he escaped Righteous Judgment of the earth, he was the beginning of something new. Six, one hundred year days complete, then a new beginning at the seventh. Does any of this sound familiar? Noah’s life prophesied the six thousand years of the first Adam, the escape of the righteous of our day at the last trump, the destruction of wickedness, and the millennium reign of the second Adam, Y’shua the Messiah.

A rainbow to seal it: What immediately comes to mind when you think of a rainbow? Do you see agitated mobs or parades of revelers waving a six colored flag as an emblem of sexual perversion? This is a prime, textbook example of reassignment of a sign or symbol. It is completely contrary to it’s origin. What it does do is recall the the very same impure sexual activities present in Noah’s day. The Globalist social engineers contrive to amalgamate the races, the sexes, even the species. Its happening, its dishonest to pretend otherwise. All manifestations have adopted this banner because the Globalists know what it originally meant. They operate under the same spirit right now, as they did in Noah’s day. By waving this symbol in the air, though it is counterfeit (there are seven colors of the spectrum), they have called for their own destruction. Using this sign, the sign of the Creator’s covenant with Noah and his offspring and all life which came out of the ark, they shake their fist at Him.

It is time that the origin of the rainbow will be restored.

Be glad, for as the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be! Rejoice, all who love His appearing!

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