Because radiance is coming to the earth.

David Garman

Welcome to Ziv Life! I’d like to give a little background to introduce the concept of Zivlife, and to touch on its mission. Seeing the trouble signal begin, the time is now to declare the Glorified Y’shua the Messiah.

Ziv, which is pronounced zeev’, has enormous prophetic significance, though many of us have never so much as heard of the word. Ziv is the ancient name of the time period covering the second month of the Hebrew calendar. This equates to the April-May area of the Gregorian calendar. When buds of leaves and blossoms burst open on fruit trees, a promise of abundance, the annual breathtaking scene is celebrated by cultures around the world.

Ziv is the time of year when Y’shua Messiah was risen from the dead, (the first rebuilding of the temple after 3 days) among an intense display of light. It is the time of the beginning construction of Solomon’s temple (1 Kings 6:1) which housed the Shekinah Glory over the Ark of the Covenant.

Ziv is fresh, tender, new emergence of blossoms, think of the almond or the olive tree. The almond buds of the Menorah and the olive branch, both mega-symbols of Israel choreographed to speak to us today. As some have said, these are firstlings, after the cold dead of winter, the first signs that Spring is here!

Ziv is Light, a far reaching light which radiates well beyond the source. As spiritual darkness spreads over the world, we are not overcome by it. Because this light shines in us, we are not conquered. We are these tender buds, delicate at first, each part of a resplendent spectacle. We do not exist by our own strength, and we have emerged in spite of ever increasing multifaceted violence. We live in quiet confidence because we’ve withstood when the strong winds blow.

We live and have our being in Y’shua the Messiah who is the Light of the world. Even now we are the blossoms of His Kingdom on earth. Through this blog, I hope, Yah willing, to bring these encouraging and positive truths against the pervasive, foreboding yet temporary gloom.

Live the Zivlife.

Special Note: Some may suspect the flower metaphor is “feminized.” This conclusion is not based on knowledge. The open flower motif was carved into the cedar wall panels along with palm trees and charoobs in the First Temple. Open flowers and flower buds were a major theme of the original Menorah.

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  1. This website is truly precious in giving hope to those who seek his truth and endure persecution for making that stand. Thank you for sharing the truth.

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