The One Word Answer

David Garman

UPDATED 8 March 2019 6:07 AM

The time has apparently come. We have been waiting for this day. More and more of us are writing, making videos, discussing in our small groups, and asking the question, “Who are we?” The question is emerging from all walks of life, even a few very brave people from the upper echelons of education. No apology here, the question is, “Who are we the European people?”

There is a one word answer.

Once this answer is shouted from the roof tops in every village throughout this great land, the long awaited revival, the great cry of repentance will thunder like an earthquake around the world. A rich heritage, long forgotten, will spill out like a cup overflowing with sheer beauty and blessing that was always intended for us as a people.

Posted here is one very good example of this unlikely question having managed to find its way through the politically correct gauntlet. It comes with an analysis shaping the reasons for this new line of thinking. It seems to be a reaction, an unintended consequence due to the hard Left’s relentless attack on the Western people.

It is the question which is most important right now. It comes to us from a video titled: How the West Lost Its Culture. The video does not give an answer to the big question. Here are some highlights, identity is the issue; “If you don’t play identity politics, identity politics will play you.”

All of our racial/cultural opponents employ identity politics as a main tactic, just look at who you can not criticize!

Simply look at the faces of those in our own government who are spearheading the destruction of Western people and their culture. But we are not allowed to notice.

Everyone standing in the gap, not limited to but particularly those who seek or hold political office, are undergoing legal persecution at the time of this publication. Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump, Tommy Robinson, Alex Jones, Viktor Orban and there are many, many others. What is their crime?

(White) students are taught to respect the identity of other cultures, while dismissing their own.

“They are taught that they are not part of a certain tribe.”

“What our children are missing is an education about who they are.”

“Who we are.”

“Where we come from and where are we to be going.”

Some are suggesting that we form a separate society. There is nowhere to go, no more west in which to flee. The canker worm has fatally infested every institution in this nation, religion, art, education, money and politics. All pillars which are essential to the continuity of Western culture.

They are bombarding us with radiation, forcibly injecting us with porcine, mouse and monkey DNA through vaccines, legally outright killing our babies, poisoning our food, destroying our cropland, polluting our wells, trying to breed us into oblivion, dumbing us down.

Ever wonder why we are the target? Ever wonder why this confederate effort wars against the West? Yes, it is because of who we are. We have many faults, and we have brought most of these afflictions on ourselves.

As the hearts of our people are turned again to their roots, one key component is missing, the answer to the question.

Who are we?


UPDATE: Video Viewed here @ 5:53 AM 8 March 2019

“Western European, white, Judeo-Christian people looking for a NEW PLACE TO CALL HOME”

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