Razing the Tower of Confusion

David Garman

Over some years we develop a set of criteria which having been tested, can be found generally dependable. People call them rules of thumb or stereotyping for example, they function as a basis. These are not absolute in many cases and should always be amended if necessary by direct observation. Most-if-not-all tried and true tools formerly available have in recent years been deemed taboo. At this stage it has become pseudo criminal to use them.

One profitable rule to discern is simple, if all conventional information and regulatory outlets are promoting it, turn and run the other way. Which if you will see, all operate in concert. They work to seduce us through the same spirit which inhabited the serpent in that famous garden. You remember the one planted long ago in the land of Pleasure. The blushing man had everything one could dream of. Yet wasn’t content, believed he deserved it all.

I have come to view human beings as different kinds of containers. Usually, certain characteristics emanate from and can be predicted given that type of container. A good example of this process is when you hear of a mob brawl taking place in a fast food restaurant. A reasonably high percentage of the time a certain type of container will manifest in the accompanying video.

We find ourselves pressed to avoid or to ignore the obvious conclusion. This outcome took a century to develop in Western society. We have allowed it and the consequences are all around us. Vexed by the forces of globalism operating in human form, we have adopted a confused seduction in place of love.

The decedents of the Aztecs, the Subsaharan Africans, the Arabians, different containers all. Those we have maltreated, now have infiltrated our governments, seeking to destroy us Europeans. Regardless of how detestable said group’s cultural practices were, we did not light the path in the world, we exploited it. We utterly abused our position. We ourselves abhor the notion of repentance, while we still believe we deserve pleasures. We’ve thrown out our rules of rectitude, we’re too smart, we’re way beyond that. Truth is, we’re weakened by corruption, revenge will be allowed, it is Righteous Judgment.

Look at today’s Chinese as an example. They are building their own tower. China is a homogeneous nation, there is a single mindedness inherent in that. There is strength in that. They have reminded us accordingly a time or two. China now owns major shipping ports all over the world. They make loans knowing the debtor nation would default. They foreclose on the property, critical infrastructure and essentially own even enslave that country. Sounds like the strategy used against the American middle class?

Here’s another critical turning point in annals of this age. A city and a tower called Confusion was conceived, though I don’t think the builders called it that (insert emoji). They probably would have preferred some thing like, oh…, “Yes We Can” or “Stronger Together.”

The tower debacle is about language barriers, or so we were taught. English is composed of several languages. In many cases our spoken tongue is not compatible with Biblical Hebrew. So we are forced to pore over the concordance until it is in tatters just to coax free a few morsels of understanding. Its like a child scraping out the remnants of cake batter from the mixing bowl. (Knowledge we once had, but we continually transgressed the law.)

Overwhelming is the want of facts but now settle for a generalized overview. Yes. Gaps and blurred images, Paul analogized we see through the glass darkly. Mercifully, this is not a permanent condition. When face-to-face with Y’shua the Messiah, we will know. My soul yearns for more Truth.

Even Hebrew itself as a spoken language language fell into disuse. Only pockets of the ancient tongue survived as a seed to become partially regenerated by the late 19th century. More than language, though, was confused during the dispersion of the people constructing the tower.

Every-so-often a window into detail can expand on what went on in a particular time and place. One that was a turning point in the history of this age. Something which opens a crack in the language barrier. Or something which chips away at the concretions. Those suppositions and political prejudice daubed in to fill the ignorance gap.

Our society is deconstructed to the point of resembling the very crisis situation present at the Tower of Confusion. Our current language barrier is a curse, but the confusion at the tower was imposed as a safeguard. Confusion was caused to prevent what we are witness to right now. We are spoiled rotten, entitled, to the point of mass delusion. The end result of pride. It has no bounds this great confusion.

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